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Susquehanna University Goes Solar and Sheep
Thirty Percent of Energy Will Come From The Sun

Susquehanna University Goes Solar and Sheep

Over the course of nine years, Susquehanna has gone from being on the Sierra Club's list of "School Who Burn Coal" to being ranked #260 on the list of "Cool Schools" for 2018.

A small, private, liberal arts college in the heart of Pennsylvania, has recently completed installing 14-acres of solar panels on its campus. Susquehanna's new 12,000 solar panels will produce 30% of the university's electricity needs according to a news article published on its website.

The installment was a collaboration between the school and WGL Energy, a 22-year old energy supply company located in Virginia. Reportedly, the solar panels are able to produce "5,300 megawatt hours per year" of electricity and are situated at the Center for Environmental Education and Research, along the western border of campus. This addition is estimated to have the equivalency of removing 787 cars from the road.

"WGL Energy is proud of our presence throughout Pennsylvania and to extend our offering of diverse and innovative energy solutions-it's exciting to partner with the university and develop our first solar project in Pennsylvania," said Sanjiv Mahan, president of WGL Energy Systems, in a news report.

Interestingly, in order to keep the grass underneath the solar panels from not growing too tall (which could result in the grass blocking the panels) about 30 goats will be employed during the summer months in order to trim the grass. This is poised as an economic and labor-reducing method of keeping the grass trimmed because it is often difficult to mow under the panels.

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October 18, 2019, 10:39 pm PDT

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