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Home and Garden Television Network is looking for qualified profesionals to appear on their new television show — Landscapers’ Challenge. Think you’ve got what it takes to compete? Call 323-851-2333 for more information.

LOS ANGELES - Landscape Architects in the greater Los Angeles area are eligible for a unique opportunity to showcase their work on a national TV network. Home and Garden Television has started production on their newest reality design series—Landscapers' Challenge.

With 26 episodes planned for 2001, the production company is looking for 70-78 professionals to participate. In exchange for being featured on HGTV, participating Landscape Architects and designers will be expected to waive their design fees. The homeowners agree to pay for the all labor and materials. Even if your landscape design is not chosen by the homeowner, your name and design plan will still be part of the show.

Each half-hour episode will introduce viewers to a new homeowner with a problematic outdoor area. After the homeowners reveal their financial and architectural parameters for the project, three outdoor designers are invited to address the challenge by developing their own unique visions for the space.

Each designer will get to pitch their ideas on national television, but the homeowners can only choose one. The audience then watch as the designer and their team transform the home's outdoor environment.

Landscape Challenge is a spin-off of Designers' Challenge which airs on HGTV on Thursdays at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Any interested professionals can watch this program to get an understanding of how your work will be showcased.

Those interested in participating can contact Ellen Bauman-Kennedy at 323-851-2333 x 211 or Sharon Gilmore Reilly at extension 293.

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October 15, 2019, 10:25 pm PDT

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