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PRINCETON, NJ - The City of Elizabeth expects the volume of traffic through midtown to increase in the near future with the construction of the Newark Airport station on the Northeast Corridor line and the advent of a new light rail system. Ford Farewell Mills and Gatsch, Architects, LLC recently designed a new Pedestrian/Transit Plaza, which occupies a central location within the Midtown Redevelopment area. The Plaza is designed to serve as a community gathering space, and to link pedestrian traffic with a network of both existing and future transportation alternatives. The main portion of the Plaza is trapezoidal in shape and late 19th century arched brownstone viaducts have been retained and incorporated into the new design. The Plaza was completed in approximately one year, and funded through TEA-21 and NJ Urban Enterprise Zone grant programs. The New Jersey Department of Transportation provided additional funding for archaeology and for restoration of cobble paving at the northeast viaduct.

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June 18, 2019, 9:05 pm PDT

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