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HNTB Corporation is a multidisciplinary firm offering a broad range of architecture,engineering, planning and urban design services.

HTNB professionals integrate design and planning skills with analytical thinking and state-of-the-art technology to create visionary yet pragmatic solutions. Clients benefit from our team's professional experience since we combine our national expertise with our knowledge of unique local conditions.

HTNB listens to and partners with clients and the community to deliver effective, long-term solutions, designing the nation's infrastructure and planning sustainable communities.

HTNB's context sensitive design establishes guidelines that set the standard for creating a sense of place. HNTB integrates transportation facilities within the communities served to create safe and aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Projects entail developing new and improved means of tieing pedestrian and bicycle access with the preservation of the natural environment Vision, analysis, education and testing are the basis of HTNB's community planning work. By defining opportunities and the physical and economic consequences of different choices, HNTB helps communities chart a straighter and easier course to their future well-being.

Scenario building, rigorous testing of alternatives and highly interactive public engagement techniques are hallmarks of the planning work. HNTB's recommendations incorporate the depth and breadth of knowledge that gives clients confidence in each plan's feasibility.


HNTB understands the importance of meeting people's social and physical needs through the creation of recreational facilities. Promoting leisure activities and preserving natural resources help stabilize communities. In addition, HNTB's holistic planning and design approach ensures that these surroundings enhance the quality of life.

Land Planning

HNTB's innovative land planning solutions create more efficient living and working environments through mixed-use development. The firm strives to reduce per capita land consumption and preserve natural open space and biological systems. By designing with respect for the natural environment, HTNB creates communities that will sustain themselves over time with strong community pride and ownership.

Urban Design

HNTB's professional design and planning team brings innovative techniques and authentic, realistic solutions to public and private clients. HNTB's urban design practice combines proven design principles, an understanding of natural sciences and construction techniques, and market and budgetary realities to provide communities with an enhanced urban realm, and a high-quality environment for economic development

Campus Planning

HNTB combines its multidisciplinary resources in developing master plans for a variety of institutional and educational campuses, ranging from small private schools to hospitals to colleges and universities. HNTB helps guide stakeholders, decision-makers and ultimate users of the campus through strategic planning and creative problem solving. This approach allows schools, hospitals and universities to meet the ever-changing needs of their various populations and accommodate long-term growth that is responsive to budgets and funding sources.

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