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Hollywood Park--Will It Be Just Another Memory of Bygone Days?

Architect Stiles Clements and landscape architect Edward Huntsman-Trout designed the original clubhouse for Hollywood Park in 1937. The clubhouse and stands burned in 1949 and were rebuilt the following year.


The Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, Calif., just a few miles from Los Angeles Airport, celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2008, but is not likely to be around much longer. Thoroughbred horse racing will continue at least though summer 2009. Churchill Downs sold the track to Bay Meadows Land Co. for $260 million in cash in July 2005. The company envisions a housing development, some parkland and an upgrade and expansion of the casino.

Thoroughbred racing and Hollywood Park are rooted in the old Hollywood. The park was formed under the chairmanship of Jack Warner of Warner Brothers Studios. Hollywood Park is probably headed for mixed-use commercial development after the 2009 racing season. The track landscape includes two lakes (a mile of shoreline) linked by a canal, flowers, two football field-size grass areas, a playground and picnic area.

Bay Meadows officials have been quote in the media as saying the continuation of Hollywood Park racing depends whether the state allows an expansion of gambling beyond just card games.

Some of the Hollywood Park land has already been sold to real estate developers, who intend to build new housing.

A website is up to encourage people to help preserve Hollywood Park and its racing tradition.

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