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Horticultural Research Institute Announces Scholarships Winners
Proven Winners Endowment Fund Gives $3,000 to Three Students


Brandon Miller, Iowa State University, Justin Schulze, Oregon State University and Nicholas Robinson, University of Connecticut, each received $3,000 in scholarship funding.

The Horticultural Research Institute has announced the three recipients of the 2017 Spring Meadow - Proven Winners Endowment Fund Scholarship.

Brandon Miller is a graduate student at Iowa State University who is working on a master's degree in horticulture. Justin Schulze is a graduate student at Oregon State University earning a degree in ornamental plant breeding. Nicholas Robinson is an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut majoring in horticulture.

Each student received $3,000 from the scholarship fund, which was established by Dale & Liz Deppe in 1999. Through the HRI, the fund has provided more than $140,000 in funds for scholarship and research.

The Horticultural Research Institute helps students obtain the education necessary to successfully pursue horticultural careers. Scholarships, like those provided through the Spring Meadow - Proven Winners Endowment Fund, are being awarded at a time when the College Board estimates the average cost of tuition and fees for private colleges to be $33,000 a year and $9,500 at public colleges. Backing motivated students today plays a vital role in protecting and growing the industry tomorrow.

For more information on the Horticultural Research Institute and the scholarships they give, visit

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