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Houston Parks Board Creates Hurricane Relief Fund
The Houston Parks Board has established a fund for the employees of HPARD


U.S. border agent Stephen Gallagher with a rescued child safely aboard in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
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The Houston Parks Board has established a fund for the employees of the Houston Parks & Recreation Department (HPARD) and their families to meet their immediate needs following Hurricane Harveyi? 1/2 s flooding and destruction.

"We might want to remember the thousands of replica tag heuer link watches Houstonians who care for our city's parksi? 1/2 mowing the grass, collecting the trash, fixing the playgrounds, leading summer programs, and so much more. Many of these hard-working people were hit hard by the hurricane. Like many others, they are staying with friends or living in shelters. If they don't have money in savings, it will be very difficult for them to address their immediate and short-term needs, needs as basic as food, school clothes, medicine and more.

"We hope you'll consider a tax-deductible contribution to the Houston People & Parks Hurricane Relief Fund. The proceeds will be distributed directly, speedily, and responsibly to HPARD workers so that they can bridge themselves from here to new or reclaimed homes.

Please click to donate now.

"If any funds are left over after all the employees' needs are met, the remainder will be donated to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner's and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, managed by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. If you're interested in contributing to that directly, click"

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October 13, 2019, 7:13 pm PDT

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