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Houzz Landscape Study Presents Favorable Outlook

More than half of the respondents who have recently completed, are currently working on, or are planning a substantial project or a complete overhaul, spent or plan to spend more than $10,000.

In another sign of an improving economy, two thirds of a just-released poll's respondents who have recently upgraded, or are upgrading, their outdoor spaces, cited a home purchase or finally having the finances to make it happen as the reason for their actions.

This is just one of the nuggets of good news from the Landscaping and Garden Trends Study conducted by, a platform for home remodeling and design. A recent purchase of a home is the most common reason for upgrades (33%), followed closely by financial ability (32%) and recent outdoor deterioration (29%).

The survey was sent to registered Houzz users in the U.S. who were asked if they have completed an outdoor project in the last 12 months, are currently working on, or are planning a project in the next six months. Of those, 45 percent had a work in progress, 31 percent were in the planning stages, and 24 percent had recently completed a job.

Most of the work falls into the backyard upgrade category and of those, 58 percent were or are substantial such as paving, new beds, building/upgrading structures, and 29 percent were or are complete overhauls such as re-grading, terracing, re-landscaping.

But on a slightly discouraging note, only 59 percent of the substantial upgrades and overhauls did or plan to require the help of a professional. This could be contributed more to the type of respondents, who as registered Houzz users might be more inclined to DIY projects than the general public. More than half (56%) of those with larger projects are budgeting north of 10 grand.

Outdoor living was cited by 67 percent as one of the most valued aspects of outdoor design. When asked to prioritize the most valued aspects of outdoor functions; 71 percent included easy to maintain, 60 percent checked off easy to entertain, 48 percent chose being family friendly and 36 percent included privacy.

Of the new/updated outdoor structural elements in outdoor projects, patios/terraces came in at 44 percent, shade structures at 28 percent, decks at 25 percent, swimming pools at 8 percent and hot tubs at seven percent.

Not accounting for decking materials, pavers were by far the most popular new surface material (52%) followed by gravel/crushed rock (38%) and stone slabs (36%). Concrete accounted for 31 percent and bricks came in at 16 percent.

The most popular plants were perennials (66%), shrubs (54%), annuals (51%), and trees (44%).

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November 18, 2019, 10:35 am PDT

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