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How Important are Insecticides
to the Green Industry?

AgInfomatics has been retained to develop a comprehensive, science-based analysis of the economic and societal benefits of neonicotinoid insecticides.
Photo: Courtesy of MacKissic

With the recent public attention on the horticultural industry's use of insecticides, especially neonicotinoids, we are often asked about the economic impact of these chemicals, according to Joe Bischoff, PhD and Regulatory & Legislative Affairs Director of AmericanHort(R). Unfortunately, we rarely have hard numbers to share but instead describe their utility in addressing some of our greatest pest challenges, particularly in the case of invasive insects. However, specific values and impact are important to the conversation and will play a vital role as politicians and regulators debate restricting or eliminating important tools.

To help answer some of the impact questions, AgInfomatics - an independent research firm contracted by some of the registrant companies - has developed a survey regarding importance and value of insecticides, with an emphasis on neonicotinoids. The information garnered from the survey will provide greater insight into our industry's use of insecticides and help inform us about the role neonicotinoids have in controlling insect pests
in horticulture.

Take part in this 14-question survey that is estimated to take less than 15 minutes to complete. Your answers will remain confidential. Only statistical analyses and summaries will be made public.

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