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IF's 2019 Scholarship Program
For Students Pursuing Careers in Irrigation

IF's 2019 Scholarship Program

Each recipient of the Irrigation Foundation's scholarship program was acknowledged based on their letter of intent, financial need, resume, reference letters, and list of enrolled irrigation courses.

The Irrigation Foundation announced the recipients of its 2019 scholarship program. Ranging from $1,000 to $2,500, 21 scholarships were awarded to students pursuing careers in the irrigation industry. Some of the requirements to be eligible for the program include: a minimum 2.5 overall GPA, previously or currently taking an irrigation-related class and U.S. citizenship.

The 2019 winners are as follows:
Forrest Beasley - Mississippi State University
Jonathan Bender - Walla Walla Community College
Corey Conway - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kelly Drechsler - University of California, Davis
Miranda Felix - Cal Poly, Pomona
Kenzy Fogle - Utah State University
Kasandra Hernandez - Cuyahoga Community College
Javier Herrera - California State University, Fresno
Bradley Hill - Brigham Young University, Idaho
Austin Hopkins - Brigham Young University
Jonathon Hubble - California State University, Fresno
Kyle Liebnitz - Kansas State University
Justin Miller - Diablo Valley College
Mairead Mooney - Texas A&M University
Stephen Ortiz - Modesto Junior College
Devonie Plummer - California State University, Chico
Peyton South - Kansas State University
Kara Stenger - MiraCosta College
Blake Struthers - North Dakota State University
Alexis Thomas - Brigham Young University, Idaho
Elisa Anne Woolley - Brigham Young University

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