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Site Design Group built a human hamster wheel in Chicago for PARK(ing) Day.

In the Illinois ASLA Chapter's March newsletter, chapter president Alan Watkins recounts ILASLA was notified of a new state bill to repeal the Landscape Architecture Act of 1989. ILASLA hired the Manning Consulting Group to lobby on its behalf.


President: Alan Watkins

While there was a hearing for the bill in the Illinois Senate Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee in Springfield, Senator Pamela Althoff (32nd District) agreed to remove landscape architects from the bill. With an amendment, the title act for Landscape Architects in Illinois will be safe, reported Watkins. He thanked ILASLA advocacy chair Keven Graham, FASLA, who testified before the committee, and the members for their tremendous support for Illinois landscape.


ILASLA member M. Elen Deming, FASLA, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was elected to the ASLA's 2017 Class of Fellows. She received her nomination under the "Knowledge" category.

The endeavors to elevate the current landscape architecture title act to a practice act continues. The ILASLA executive committee is working to raise funds for that legislative effort.


The chapter had a large turnout for its Feb. 15 class on "Managing to Lead: Advanced Skills for Proven Mangers."

On Nov. 2, ILASLA and the Garfield Park Conservatory showed "Before the Flood," a 2016 documentary depicting the dramatic changes around the world due to climate change. A panel discussion followed the film, featuring Aaron Durnbaugh, director of sustainability at Loyola University, Chicago, Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert, Climate Reality Project (, Dennis Ruez Jr., University of Illinois, Springfield, associate professor, and Renee TeVogt, member of the ILASLA Executive Committee.


The Oktoberfest State of the Chapter took place Oct. 12.

As seen in LASN magazine, December 2017.

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