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Illinois Doubles Down on Stormwater Overhaul

The Illinois Clean Water Initiative, a pet project of Gov. Pat Quinn that allows local governments to access low-interest loans for wastewater and drinking water improvement projects, will receive increased funding this year. The initiative and other budgetary earmarks intend to expand and accelerate the replacement of aging sewers and update water treatment facilities.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced that funds for the Illinois Clean Water Initiative (ICWI) will be doubled to ramp up efforts to modernize aging water infrastructure throughout the state. An additional $2 billion will be earmarked for projects like replacing out-of-date water mains, upgrading sewers and building wastewater treatment plants statewide.

Local governments can use ICWI funds for a variety of projects, including replacing aging water mains, upgrading water towers, or bringing wastewater treatment facilities in line with federal standards.

"To date, we've received 91 clean water applications, and this year, we'll expand our Clean Water Initiative - and double this investment - to include critical stormwater and flood control projects," Quinn said in his 2014 State of the State address on Jan. 29. "These are good jobs: jobs for welders, cement masons, truck drivers, operating engineers, pipefitters, painters, and carpenters," he added.

Quinn launched the ICWI in his 2012 State of the State Address to help local governments that need to overhaul aging drinking water and wastewater treatment plants and distribution and collection systems. The ICWI is funded with annual federal grants, funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and additional principal and interest from loan repayments, according to

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