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INASLA Annual Meeting 100 Years, 100 Parks projects highlighted Indianapolis, In The Indiana Chapter of the ASLA of the ASLA held its Annual Meeting and Award Luncheon on October 8, 1999 at the new White River Gardens in Indianapolis. At the meeting, two of the 100 years - 100 parks projects were highlighted. The Chapter is designing and will construct a new trailhead access for the Indiana School for the Blind in Indianapolis that will connect the school grounds to the new and popular Monon Rail - Trail. The focal point is a sculptural fountain of three pillars designed by visually-impaired artist Tim Ryan. The second project is the design of an Accessible Sensory Trail at the new Prophetstown State Park near Lafayette, Indiana. Eight projects were presented design awards in two categories during the Awards Luncheon. Top awards included an Honor Award in Unbuilt Works for Little Turtle Portage Greenway by William Eviston, ASLA of Schenkel Shultz, and an Honor Award in Built Works was presented to the White River Gardens, a $14 million sister institution to the Indianapolis Zoo. In 2000, the Indiana Chapter will use two Chapter Initiative Program Grants (CIP) to promote their publicity efforts. The first grant is to expand and improve their "First Contact" brochures and the second grant will be used to develop a traveling display exhibit for use at conferences and professional gatherings. The INASLA held their Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon at the new White Rivers Gardens in Indianapolis on October 8, 1999

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