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International Design Competition
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International Design Competition

Cranfield University is a postgraduate public university founded in 1946. The website for the competition states that this "is the oppurtunirty of a lifetime" as the winners of the first round will be supplied with a ??30,000 honorarium in addition to implementing their design.
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The city council of Milton Keynes, in the United Kingdom, in collaboration with Cranfield University and Malcolm Reading Consultants, announced on January 30, 2019, the MK:U International Design Competition.

The competition asks participants to design a new model university in the Oxford to Cambridge innovation arc, located in the center of Milton Keynes and about an hour-and-a-half by train from London.

MK:U is planned to be delivered in three phases over 15 years. The first phase is the design competition, which asks entrants to design an overall masterplan for the site, including its buildings. The construction budget is ??188M, a little over $246 million, the space spans 61,120 square meters and the project is slated to open in 2023.

People wishing to participate must read the Search Statement, fill out the online form and upload certain requested documents detailing their company information, proposed team composition and relevant experience. Teams should include: an architect, an urban planner, a landscape architect, a structural engineer and a civil engineer. "Internationally-based teams will be required to propose a UK-based executive architect as part of their team," the rules state.

The jury will be chaired by Sir Peter Gregson, chief executive officer and vice-chancellor of Cranfield University. For further details on the competition, visit the MK:U competition's homepage HERE.

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