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Iowa State Fair Gets 44,000 Square Feet of Grasspave2
Parking lot for Vendors

Grasspave2, installed, is ready for sand fill. Grasspave2 was easily cut for lamp post bases and other obstacles at Ruan Plaza in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo: Country Landscapes, Inc.

Just in time for one of the country's largest state fairs, is an installation of Invisible Structures Grasspave2 for overflow and vendor parking. The Iowa State Fair's Ruan Plaza installed 44,000 square feet for the first phase of the project. More grass paving will come in phase 2 at the Des Moines location.

Kirkham Michael Consulting Engineers were hired by the Iowa State Fair to solve a parking problem: not enough. Instead of making a sea of hot asphalt or concrete parking - in August, in the middle of Iowa - Kirkham Michael presented Grasspave2, which is a cooler and greener alternative. The Ruan Plaza transformed into a lush, green space that doubled as a parking lot for vendors during the fair.

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October 23, 2019, 10:01 pm PDT

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