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IPEMA Sets Goals and Leadership

The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association leadership team for 2005 is: President: Steve King, Landscape Structures, Delano, Minn. Pres. Elect: Tom Norquist, GameTime, Fort Payne, Ala. Secretary: Tim Ahern, BCI-Burke Company, LLC, Fond Du Lac, Wis. Treasurer: Curtis Cleveland, Playworld Systems, Lewisburg, Pa. Serving as IPEMA directors are: Ted Illjes, Zeager Bros., Middletown, Pa. (will also chair the surfacing certification committee) Lloyd Reese, Playpower LT, Farmington (will also chair the equipment certification committee) Julie Sarada, Garick Corp., Cleveland, Oh. Richard Hawley, Robertson Industries, Chandler, Ariz. In 2004, the IPEMA inaugurated a member survey to provide guidance for its 2005 goals. Steve King, the new president, said the IPEMA goals include becoming a stronger voice for the industry. The members want the IPEMA to work with other national associations to present a "unified voice in discussions of trade show venues and organization." Another goal for 2005 is to collect information on states that have playground safety regulations, or pending regulations, and to kept this information updated. For more information, visit

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