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Irrigation Manufacturer Wins Humanitarian Award

According to the Stockholm Industry Water Award Committee, 70 percent of the finite freshwater on earth is used for agricultural irrigation, and there is a rapidly expanding demand for agricultural products, bringing about a "dire need to improve water productivity,"

Recognizing efforts to mitigate world hunger through the efficient use of drip line irrigation in agricultural production, the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award was presented to Netafim, a global manufacturer of smart drip and micro irrigation.

The 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award honored Netafim's innovative approaches to sustainable water management and the development of new products and technologies in agricultural irrigation that improve crop yields.

Expressing his gratitude at being chosen, Igal Aisenberg, the company's president and CEO stated, "With water and land scarcity topping the list of today's major global challenges, we're leveraging our expertise and experience in drip technology to achieve water sustainability and help combat food price inflation and ensure food security."

The manufacturer operates 16 manufacturing plants in North and South America, Israel, Europe and Asia, and serves agriculturists in more than 100 countries. Nearly 25 million acres of farmland worldwide are irrigated with their dripline irrigation, according to the company.

"Netafim's remarkable achievements, helping farmers across the world to grow more with less, are directly contributing to a more water- and food-secure world." said the Stockholm Industry Water Award Committee in its citation.

The manufacturer actively participates in international organizations dedicated to implementing recommended water usage practices and is a member of the UN CEO Water Mandate.

The laureate was granted by the Stockholm International Water Institute in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

The commendation was presented to Aisenberg at a World Water Week ceremony in Stockholm by Peter Forssman, the chairman of the Stockholm International Water Institute Board.

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