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What is it about dirt that intrigues boys so much? The word in general has a rather negative connotation. I mean, when you say something is dirty, you tend to avoid it. If you tell your wife her meatloaf tastes like dirt, she certainly won't take it as a compliment. (Just a word to the wise, I wouldn't suggest saying this to your wife unless you want to bed down with your dog.) So why is it that every boy in the world has eaten a mud pie? As a kid, I wasn't happy if I wasn't pushing my Tonka truck around in the dirt. So why should things change just because we got a little older? I say nothing should change, and I have just the reason why. It goes by the name of New Holland. The Backhome Backhoe The LB115 by New Holland is a loader/backhoe equipped with the BSD 450T turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine, which offers 108 horsepower and a max gross torque of 328 ft-lb. It has a four-speed, power reversing transmission that travels up to 22.9 mph in fourth gear. If driving in reverse is more your style, there are two gears for reverse, allowing the operator to travel up to 7.9 mph. (To some this may sound slow, and to those people I say you start looking for a new career as a NASCAR driver because heavy equipment and fast speeds don't particularly go hand in hand.) So far so good, right? Well, just keep your hat on 'cause we have a whole list of other features and options to cover starting with the backhoe buckets. New Holland offers two kinds of buckets: a heavy-duty bucket and an extra-heavy-duty bucket. The heavy-duty variety comes in widths of 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 inches while the extra-heavy-duty bucket only comes in widths of 18 and 24 inches but does offer about 1,600 pounds more of bucket dig force. Let me cut right to the optional features, because after all, this is what will separate your loader/backhoe from the one next door. For all of our readers in the colder regions, the LB115 has a standard thermostat cold starting aid, but optional features include an ether cold start package and a 110-volt engine block heater. If you want to avoid working on cold days though, just pretend you never read that last sentence. Some of our readers in the warmer territories may want to do their work in the dark hours of the morning to avoid the heat of the summer. Well, the equipment comes standard with two front and rear halogen worklights and you have the option of adding two additional worklights to both the front and rear. Other optional items include an emergency beacon and two road headlights. The backhoe comes with flipover dirt/street stabilizer pads and EasyTouch 2-lever controls for the backhoe, however New Holland does give you other options when it comes to backhoe controls. You can choose from four-lever backhoe controls, three-lever backhoe controls with a foot swing, or two-lever SAE excavator pattern backhoe controls. Also consider other backhoe options such as the XTRA-VATOR II(TM) extendible dipperstick. The list of options continues on longer than a country mile, but there are a few more items I'd like to point out to you. The operator's station has a built-in beverage holder, a coat hook, itis prewired for radio, and can have a CFC-free R134a air conditioning system installed. Why are these items so important? Well, now you can go ahead and tell your wife how bad the meatloaf tastes. Then when you get kicked out of the house you can comfortably sit in your New Holland LB115 and listen to the radio as Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa chalk up home runs. If you want to see all of the features the LB115 has to offer, just head to Items featured in Horsepower are selected based on their overall power and available features. Any company who thinks they have a more powerful product, I invite you to send me some info- Landscape Contractor Magazine, c/o Horsepower, 14771 Plaza Drive, Suite M, Tustin, CA 92780.

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July 21, 2019, 1:11 pm PDT

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