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ISA Honors Excellence in Arboriculture
Awards of Distinction and True Professionals of Arboriculture (pictured) Announced


The International Society of Arboriculture, a nonprofit organization for arborists, recognized twelve Awards of Distinction recipients and eight True Professionals of Arboriculture during their 92nd Annual International Conference and Trade Show. The True Professionals of Arboriculture pictured left to right are: Carlos Roberto Anaya, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kevin Eckert, Kailua, Hawaii; Paul Johnson, Austin, Texas; Robert Reid, Monterey, California; Dave Scharfenberger, Merton, Wisconsin; Gregg Staniforth, Penticton, BC, Canada; and Dave Story, Northbrook, Illinois. Not pictured is Mark Duntemann, South Royalton, Vermont.

At the ISA Annual Conference and Trade Show, held in Fort Worth, Texas in August, the association honored the 2016 Awards of Distinction recipients.

"This year's recipients represent the many advancements in the field of arboriculture through education and technology," said de Gouret Litchfield, ISA board president. "These men and women are dedicating their lives to expanding knowledge and supporting the transfer of information around the world. It is specially heartening for me personally that we recognize these award recipients from a diversity of countries, a broad spectrum of ages and with equal recognition to men and woman - indeed, a true reflection of the membership that we serve."

The 2016 winners include:
• Dr. Ed Gilman, Gainesville, Florida -- Award of Merit
• Sharon Lilly, Acworth, Georgia -- Award of Merit
• Dr. David Lonsdale, Bristol, United Kingdom -- R.W. Harris Author's Citation
• Dr. Tomas Martinez-Trinidad, Texcoco, Mexico -- Early-Career Scientist Award
• Dr. Justin Morgenroth, Christchurch, New Zealand -- Early-Career Scientist Award
• Dr. Jennifer Juzwik, Saint Paul, Minnesota -- L.C. Chadwick Award for Arboricultural Research
• Dr. Eric Wiseman, Christiansburg, Virginia -- Alex. L. Shigo Award for Excellence in Arboricultural Education
• George Gonzalez, San Pedro, California -- Award of Achievement
• Paul Revell, Charlottesville, Virginia -- Award of Achievement -- Posthumously
• Melissa LeVangie, Petersham, Massachusetts -- Millard F. Blair Exceptional Contribution to Practical Arboriculture Award
• Adriana Bardekjian, Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- Honorary ISA Membership
• Akinlemibola Oluwasina, Eberswalde, Brandenburg, Germany -- Honorary ISA Membership

Eight True Professionals of Arboriculture were also recognized:
• Carlos Roberto Anaya, Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Mark Duntemann, South Royalton, Vermont
• Kevin Eckert, Kailua, Hawaii
• Paul Johnson, Austin, Texas
• Robert Reid, Monterey, California
• Dave Scharfenberger, Merton, Wisconsin
• Gregg Staniforth, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
• Dave Story, Northbrook, Illinois

"A True Professional of Arboriculture is someone who is passionate about the industry and their communities, and has high expectations for themselves as well as those around them," said Litchfield. "This year's recipients have increased visibility for professional arboriculture while promoting the importance of the urban forest. Each of them typifies the enthusiasm, professionalism and love for trees that is one of the uniting factors of ISA members around the world."

Congratulations to the award winners recognized this year.

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