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ISU Dedicates King Pavilion and First Campus Green Roof

The new King Pavilion at Iowa State University is an environmentally sustainable addition to the College of Design. Its green roof is a first for the campus.

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The King Pavilion was dedicated Monday, Aug. 24, as Iowa State University design students began classes literally under the first green roof on campus.

The new facility is named for Steve King, FASLA and his late wife, Barb, both graduates of Iowa State in 1968 and founders of Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer.

"Touring the Landscape Structures plant in Minnesota with Steve and Barb some years ago inspired us to pursue the highest standards of sustainable design and operation in the new pavilion," said Mark Engelbrecht, Dean Emeritus, College of Design, at the dedication ceremony. "When I early dreamt of this project, the phrase that brought it to mind was 'pavilion in a garden.' Steve and Barb were the master gardeners of this adventure."

The King Pavilion was designed under the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines to meet the highest green building and performance measures. The green roof incorporates 20 varieties of plants. The facility has natural ventilation and dehumidification to reduce air conditioning usage. Sensors monitor occupancy and light levels and automatically turn lights on and off as needed; dual-flush toilets help cut water consumption.

"Sustainable design has been part of our work for many years. Our company's mission statement talks about honoring our environment," says King. "When Barb and I discussed our commitment to the new addition, we agreed that if we became involved, we wanted it to be as green as possible."

Steve King created a new type of play environment as his final project at Iowa State. He observed children at nearby playgrounds and at the campus child development department and put together a concept that combines traditional playground equipment--slides and climbers--into a stream of connected activities, which he later termed "continuous play." The idea was the foundation for Landscape Structures. The company has been certified to ISO 14001 for environmental stewardship since 1998, received the Tekne Green Award for commitment to sustainability in 2008 and partners with Global ReLeaf to plant trees, an initiative to help offset the energy used in the manufacturing of play equipment.

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