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It's Show Time!
By George Schmok

By the time you read this, summer will be officially over, kids will be back in school, and trade show season will be in full swing. At LC/DBM, we just got back from Texas and the TNLA show. This September issue will be handed out at the Landscape Expo-Long Beach and next month it is the GIE+Expo show issue. In between, there are dozens of regional events, bringing the local industry together to learn, find new products and shake hands with old friends. In this age of the Internet, there is still nothing better than to be able to spend a day or two walking through an exhibit hall and actually getting your hands on the new equipment, being shown how a certain product works or seeing a demonstration on why one product is better than another.

What's the difference between a Kawasaki and a Makita string trimmer? Who makes the best mower available today? Which loader/tractor is the best for your company and who has the better trailer to haul all that equipment around in? Well before you shell out a few hundred hard earned dollars for a trimmer or a few thousand that could've gone to your kid's college tuition, spend a day at the closest trade show and get the experts to show you all the reasons theirs' is better than the other guys'.

At trade shows, there are usually seminars to attend as well. What better way to educate your staff than to send them for a couple of days to learn about growing, maintaining, installing, designing or getting up to date on the newest labor laws, Obamacare, immigration, etc., and then to walk the hall with all the latest and greatest products this industry has to offer?

Yeah . . . I'd like to say you can get it here, in LC/DBM . . . I mean there is a bunch of info in every issue, on all the topics. In this issue, there are more than 150 different advertisements with tons of products and the digital version has links to all those manufacturers and suppliers . . . sorry about the shameless plug . . . but there is nothing quite like being able to put your hands on the product, feel the weight distribution, kick the tires, or get the full hands-on explanation of how and why one (fill in the blank) is better than another.

So as summer draws to a close and you begin to think about next year, make time and plan on attending a trade show or two. We will be exhibiting and attending the TLE, GIE+Expo, HNA, NRPA, ASLA, and IA shows this season and look forward to seeing you there. No matter what end of the business you are in, a two day investment in education and research will more than pay for itself . . .

Mike Dahl, Editor LC/DBM

A Big LC/DBM Welcome . . .
You may have noticed the new news format and more vibrant and informative articles throughout the past couple of issues of LC/DBM. Well a good part of that is due to LC/DBM's new editor, Mike Dahl. Mike will be at many of the upcoming national trade shows so if you make it to one, stop by, say 'Hey' and spend a moment to let him know what you'd like to see in the magazine. If you can't make it to one of the national shows, go to your local one and in the mean time you can reach Mike at

Hope you had a great summer and we'll see you at the show . . .

God Bless . . .

George Schmok, Publisher

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