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K-Rain Donates to Field of Dreams Project

K-Rain Manufacturing Corp. has donated its ProPlus and ProSports Turf rotors to a unique youth athletics project in Seaford, Delaware. The "Fields of Dreams" project was spearheaded by irrigation contractors Paul David, chairman of Davis Lawn Care, and Tim Conway, vice president of Barton's Landscape, both located in Seaford, Delaware. The duo, in addition to recruiting K-Rain's involvement, enlisted local businesses to donate time, money and products to build football fields appropriate for youth flag football. For the fields, built from the dirt up, all materials from equipment to sod were donated.

Prior to the Field of Dreams project, youth sports fields in Seaford were used predominately for soccer and baseball leagues. The new field, located at Seaford Sports Complex, gives children ages six to 14 a sports alternative by facilitating a peewee football program. The NFL Youth Flag Football Network (NFLYFN) assisted with development and planning of the new program in Seaford. The program is now a recognized member of the NFLYFN, with the organization supplying everything from jerseys to footballs, flags and league structure.

"We're proud to be part of something that leaves a lasting impact on the children of a community," commented Dan Finnegan of K-Rain.

K-Rain, founded in 1974, has a diverse workforce of over 200 people. In addition to the company's Florida manufacturing facility, K-Rain recently added an operations and manufacturing hub in the Dominican Republic. For more information, visit

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October 17, 2019, 6:19 am PDT

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