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Keeping Playground Equipment Green

This TimberForm play structure has a 31' x 31' play area, and features an accessible transfer station with an 8-inch riser; a chime wall, multiple climbers and a ladder; a curved slide chute; a 12-foot wheel beam and a wood clatter bridge with baluster walls. TimberForm uses a playground equipment-grade coastal Douglas fir, a tough and durable structural species ideally suited to playground use.

TimberForm uses Playground Equipment Grade coastal Douglas fir which is free-of-heart-center. Douglas fir is a tough and durable structural species ideally suited to the demands of playground use when a premium grade is used. It will vary in color from shades of salmon to ivory and eventually turn to a natural sable gray in outdoor settings.

F.O.H.C. specification is critically important. Timber containing the tree's heart or pith will perform poorly in time and have a short useful life. After seasoning, smooth dressing and fabrication, all wood components are inspected for appearance and suitability for play.

All TimberForm timber posts undergo MaxTreat processing prior to pressure-preservative treatment. MaxTreat is an exclusive fabrication procedure that includes two steps, incising and kerfing. When combined, these two steps greatly enhance pressure-preservative treatment and retention in the sensitive groundline area of embedded posts.

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