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KOMPAN's ICON in the O Zone

The Richmond Olympic Oval, home to the long track speed skating competitions for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, was designed by Cannon Design. It earned LEED silver certification.

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During the 17 days of the Winter Olympics, KOMPAN's ICON digital playground equipment is within the O Zone, the long-track speed skating venue for the games.

Out front of the Oval is the Water Sky Garden, featuring a 90-meter boardwalk and pond. The water, collected from rainwater falling on the roof, irrigates the landscaping (and flushes toilets). The "sky lantern" sculpture by Janet Echelman is made of Tenara architectural fiber, supported by painted galvanized steel rings.

"We're excited to be a part of the Olympic experience and showcase our latest innovation at the O Zone," said Tom Grover, president of KOMPAN, Inc. He explains that ICON combines the play design of the GALAXY product line with the electronic gaming and believes it "represents the future of outdoor playground equipment" by "providing a dynamic, exciting and interactive play experience to a digital generation."

One million board feet of B.C. pine-beetle kill wood makes up the Oval's wave roof.

The play equipment is designed to be intuitive and to encourage kids to explore and discover the various features on their own or with friends. The digital games offer competition and interaction with other kids. High scores are saved and kids check back to see if their scores have held up against other competitors.

"One amazing feature is that by remotely accessing the server on the playground site, KOMPAN can provide an owner with valuable feedback as to how many and which games are being played," explains Susan Crawford, manager of RecTec, KOMPAN's local distributor in British Columbia.

During the Winter Olympics, KOMPAN's ICON digital playground equipment was in the "O Zone," aka the Richmond Olympic Oval Pavilion, Photos: KOMPAN

The O Zone or "Oval," as the Richmond Olympic Oval Pavilion is called, houses a 400-metre speed skating track and seats 8,000. The Oval will showcase 12 medal events, with 36 medals to be awarded.

The Oval was built by the city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

After the Olympics, the Oval will metamorphose into a sports, health and wellness center with ice, court and track and field zones, plus a 110m
sprint lane.

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