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Landscape Architect Firms and Projects of the Bayou States

Each year LASN highlights the local landscape architectural firms in the city hosting the annual ASLA convention; this year it is New Orleans. We communicated with as many firms as we could reach in the Bayou states of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, offering to present their firms and a sampling of their projects. Most of the firms, not surprisingly, are from the New Orleans area, although a few firms from Alabama responded to our invitation.

The Bayou states have a rich heritage of cultures: Native Americans; the French; Spanish and Creole inhabitants of New Orleans; the Cajuns of South Louisiana; African slaves and free blacks, the European plantation owners; and settlers of virtually every nationality.

New Orleans and its surrounding communities are a treasure trove of architectural styles: Creole Cottage, Shotgun House, and Double Gallery House are just a few outstanding examples. New Orleans has more than 35,000 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, more than any other U.S. city. Washington, D.C., is the closest contender with just over 20,000 listings. Many of these architectural masterpieces are located in the 120 blocks of the French Quarter.

Beautifully landscaped grounds are an important facet to these buildings, and these projects serve as a portfolio of the amazing work done by the landscape architecture firms based in and around New Orleans. These firms range in size from one and two-person businesses, to large firms staffed by dozens of landscape professionals.

We think you'll enjoy learning about some of the firms of the Big Easy and the kind of work their doing.

Note: Next year, we'll look at the firms of the Salt Lake, Utah area. If your firm is in Utah, we'd be interested in including you in next year's feature.

Patrick Moore, ASLA Landscape Architects

Patrick Moore started his career 22 years ago, arriving in Alexandria, Louisiana, with a U-Haul, an old couch, $625, a drawing table and an old typewriter. He began designing landscapes to meet the needs of clients, but with an eye to environmental friendly design. He envisioned restoration work to reclaim lands, and today directs his firm in large scale, pro-environmental projects.

The firm's website expresses his vision: "...we dedicate ourselves to rebuilding the relationship between man and nature. We work with the environment to make your office more livable, your home more comfortable, and your commute more pleasurable."

He has received numerous local and state awards, and a national award for his master plan of Alexandria. He's past chairman of ASLA's government affairs, a committee which works to assist Congress in legislative initiative that impact the environment and landscape design.

Shreveport River Front Park

Mr. Moore was selected "Small Business Person of the Year" by the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce in December of 2002. He also received a Small Business Award from the Louisiana department of Economic Development on May 29, 2003 at a reception at the governor's mansion in Baton Rouge.

Park Walkway

Mr. Moore speadheaded a joint study between the ASLA and the Urban Land Institute that found, not surprisingly, that when communities used landscape architects to plan improvements, the real estate values increased.

Riverbank View

Riverbank View

Randalle Hunt Moore, Patrick's wife, is also a licensed landscape architect and certified playground safety inspector. She specializes in energy conservation and schoolyard ecosystems projects. Her award winning designs can be seen at Montessori School in Alexandria, Northwood School in Lena, and 30 other schools in the Alexandria environs.

Torre Design Consortium

Torre Design Consortium, Ltd. (TDCL) is a multidisciplinary firm, having produced since its creation in 1980 many award-winning projects for public and private sectors throughout North America, offering landscape architectural, architectural, graphic, interior, and exhibit design services.

Torre Design president, L. Azeo "Ace" Torre, FASLA, AIA, FAAR, IIDA, is a recipient of the prestigious Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome. He is a registered landscape architect, architect, interior designer, and planner. The firm has focused on natural-world interpretive projects (zoological gardens, botanical gardens, wildlife refuges, nature centers), as well as on urban and waterfront designs. With more than 70 design awards, TDCL continues to design engaging projects that help teach, explore, entertain, and promote conservation of the world's natural resources.

The firm's design roots are in New Orleans, which offers a fusion of cultures and ideologies. Many of the projects realized in this waterfront city have led to its specialty in unique projects, especially zoological gardens. Beginning with the Audubon Zoo over 20 years ago, Torre Design Consortium, Ltd., has completed master plans and designs for over 30 other zoological facilities, most recently in Winnipeg, Canada.

Waterfront design has been another focus, ranging from the New Orleans waterfront and Woldenberg Park to over 100 linear miles of waterfront developments from the Gulf shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, to the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, Italy, creating attractions that entertain and strengthen family values through shared activities and venues.

Torre Design Consortium, Ltd., always carefully explores the economic dynamics of all of its projects to achieve a higher financial performance and to serve the community with attractions of the highest impact. The recently completed master plan for the Memphis Botanic Garden sets a new standard of opportunity for all other gardens to follow: operational self-sufficiency (without relying on a huge endowment), engaging design, "pulsed" exhibit experiences, and proper visitor services. All of the firm's designs are rooted in the foundation of economic logic and explored with the greatest enthusiasm of design opportunities.

Ace Torre's commitment to achieving the need for interdisciplinary professional growth and development was underpinned by his creation of four scholarships at Louisiana State University's College of Art and Design. Annual scholarships are awarded to the college's four departments: art; architecture; landscape architecture; and interior design. These scholarships promote collaborative efforts among all design professionals and students to produce solutions that are more comprehensive. It is a reiteration of Torre Design's design philosophy to utilize the unique fusion of culture, art, history, technology, and environmental resources of New Orleans, and to bring these attributes to the world.

Ferris Land Design

Ferris Land Design, LLC, is a sister company to Ferris Engineering and Surveying, LLC, specializing in landscape architectural design services and assisting in the planning and design of all Ferris projects for the past seven years. Having these disciplines together in-house allows for a smooth transfer of planning data and engineering analysis, and provides for a better coordination of overall site development.

Cypress Dental

Cypress Dental

Ferris Engineering and Surveying, LLC, has provided quality planning, engineering and surveying consulting services over the past 23 years for a variety of private and public clients on land development projects of all types, sizes, and complexities around south Louisiana.

Lakeside Apartments

Richard J. Hymel, RLA, principal landscape architect/planner, graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor's in landscape architecture. He's been with Ferris for five years, and is licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi. Mr. Hymel has over 12 years of professional experience in site development planning, design, and construction. He has a wide variety of skills in the development field involving site analysis, client programming, hardscape and planting design.

Graham Residence

The projects he has worked on include vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems; drainage and detention systems; custom designed swimming pools, fountains, and spas, driveways, courtyards, fences and walls; and decorative site features such as arbors, trellises, pergolas, and signage.

Greenberg Residence

He has also been involved in the planning and design of several residential subdivisions and commercial site developments. His knowledge includes computer-aided design; street and roadway systems; and drainage and sewer systems, including preparation of preliminary plats and construction plans.

Hayden Residence

Hayden Residence

Mr. Hymel heads up the East Baton Rouge Parish division of Ferris Engineering's planning department under the direction of Mr. Vyron Bernard, which oversees the preliminary planning and approval phase of all residential and commercial subdivisions and site plans in East Baton Rouge Parish.

His notable projects include planning and design of the Lakeshore Gardens subdivision, which includes a six-acre lake with a continuous perimeter walking trail in a park-like setting; the site and landscape design for the Cypress Dental Office at Country Club Court, including the gated entry to the residential garden home subdivision, all of the site planning and landscape design for The Lakes at Aubin Wood and Old Goodwood Gardens (both residential small planned unit developments), and various residential projects around south Louisiana.

Knost Residence

Knost Residence

Mr. Hymel is an ASLA member. He was the treasurer of the Louisiana ASLA chapter in 2002, and is the 2004 president-elect of the state chapter.


Country Club Court is a private gated garden home community developed on the old McIlhenny property in Baton Rouge (Tabasco family). The front of the property was subdivided into two commercial office lots, one being a renovation of the old house into Cypress Dental. Design work includes the gated entry design for the hardscape and landscaping that separates the commercial from the residential lots, and site plans and landscape plans for Cypress Dental. The owner chose to install the plant material himself, which you will be able to see.

Lake Beau Pre is a private gated-town home community adjacent to LSU. The design work included the gated-entry design, sidewalk and landscape design throughout the common areas, pool design, and the site design around the clubhouse. The layout of the site was designed by another engineering company (it should be obvious that an engineer laid out the site).

LaSalle Parc is a private gated-community in Baton Rouge with exclusive upper-end houses with courtyards and small yards. The houses range from $600-700K Design work included the gated entry, hardscape and landscape, streetscape, and several of the residences.


I-64 Corridor

HNTB Corporation is a multidisciplinary firm offering a broad range of architecture,engineering, planning and urban design services.

HTNB professionals integrate design and planning skills with analytical thinking and state-of-the-art technology to create visionary yet pragmatic solutions. Clients benefit from our team's professional experience since we combine our national expertise with our knowledge of unique local conditions.

Crescent City Connection

Crescent City Connection

Crescent City Connection

HTNB listens to and partners with clients and the community to deliver effective, long-term solutions, designing the nation's infrastructure and planning sustainable communities.

HTNB's context sensitive design establishes guidelines that set the standard for creating a sense of place. HNTB integrates transportation facilities within the communities served to create safe and aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Projects entail developing new and improved means of tieing pedestrian and bicycle access with the preservation of the natural environment.

Vision, analysis, education and testing are the basis of HTNB's community planning work. By defining opportunities and the physical and economic consequences of different choices, HNTB helps communities chart a straighter and easier course to their future well-being.

Stearling Grove

Scenario building, rigorous testing of alternatives and highly interactive public engagement techniques are hallmarks of the planning work. HNTB's recommendations incorporate the depth and breadth of knowledge that gives clients confidence in each plan's feasibility.


Belfast Centre

HNTB understands the importance of meeting people's social and physical needs through the creation of recreational facilities. Promoting leisure activities and preserving natural resources help stabilize communities. In addition, HNTB's holistic planning and design approach ensures that these surroundings enhance the quality of life.

Land Planning

Big Four Depot

HNTB's innovative land planning solutions create more efficient living and working environments through mixed-use development. The firm strives to reduce per capita land consumption and preserve natural open space and biological systems. By designing with respect for the natural environment, HTNB creates communities that will sustain themselves over time with strong community pride and ownership.

Urban Design

George O’Neal Road

George O’Neal Road

HNTB's professional design and planning team brings innovative techniques and authentic, realistic solutions to public and private clients. HNTB's urban design practice combines proven design principles, an understanding of natural sciences and construction techniques, and market and budgetary realities to provide communities with an enhanced urban realm, and a high-quality environment for economic development

Campus Planning

North Boulevard

Margaret T. Hance Park

HNTB combines its multidisciplinary resources in developing master plans for a variety of institutional and educational campuses, ranging from small private schools to hospitals to colleges and universities. HNTB helps guide stakeholders, decision-makers and ultimate users of the campus through strategic planning and creative problem solving. This approach allows schools, hospitals and universities to meet the ever-changing needs of their various populations and accommodate long-term growth that is responsive to budgets and funding sources.

CSA Group Inc.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

CSA Group, Inc., is a progressive landscape architectural firm that offers a broad spectrum of professional planning and design services for commercial, industrial, residential, educational, recreational, and military projects.

Force Protection Project

McGowin Park

Expertise in landscape architecture and planning helps CSA to identify design strengths and produce functional and aesthetic solutions. The firm provides imaginative, realistic and economic design solutions and is recognized for its functional and workable designs, which are fully responsive to the client's objectives.

South Park Financial Center

McNally Park

The founding firm originated in 1959 and subsequently evolved into the CSA Group, Inc. Since that time, the firm has continued to build on this vast background and experience. CSA has been involved in a broad range of projects with a variety of clients, including architects, engineers, developers, state and local governments, colleges and universities, businesses and industries.

Dawson Residence

Scared Heart Hospital

CSA's commitment is to provide its clients with innovative design services and problem solving capabilities on time and within cost restrictions. The two-fold goal of CSA is to provide an excellent product, while establishing a personal and professional relationship with its clients.

CSA services include:

  • site feasibility studies
  • land planning
  • regional/community planning
  • urban planning
  • campus planning
  • park and recreational planning and design
  • environmental planning
  • landscape architectural design
  • construction documents
  • project administration

CSA's expertise in landscape architecture and planning helps to identify design problems and produce solutions that will be functional and aesthetic. The firm offers excellence in creative planning techniques and combines the knowledge of local environment, social settings, and current trends to suit clients' particular needs. The firm is experienced in working with other professional disciplines as part of an overall project design effort. CSA can assemble a collaborative team consisting of engineers, architects, landscape architects and planners capable of directing a project through all phases from concept plans to implementation.

Mobile Museum of Art

Mobile Museum of Art

CSA Group, Inc., has experienced working closely with cities and communities, providing imaginative, realistic and economic design solutions. The firm is recognized for its functional and workable design solutions, which are fully responsive to the clients' objectives.

Mobile Convention Center

Mitchell Center, University of South Alabama

CSA President James E. Crowe, ASLA, received his BS in landscape architecture from Louisiana State University in 1967. He is responsible for corporate marketing and project development, and has accumulated an impressive record of experience over the past 35 years in landscape architecture and planning.

Roy T. Dufreche & Assoc.

Southern Louisiana University

Southern Louisiana University

The professions of landscape architecture, urban design, and planning (land, campus, and recreational planning) comprise a circle of related disciplines. The continuous interaction between the various disciplines, skills and experiences of our staff ensures the breadth and depth of teamwork necessary to achieve creative results.

Music Stage

Roy T. Dufreche and Associates, Landscape Architects and Planners, is a full-service landscape design firm located in Hammond, Louisiana, one-hour north of New Orleans. The firm has served south Louisiana and the Gulf Coast for more than 14 years and specializes in: landscape architecture, master planning, site planning and design, public and private landscape design, construction documents and swimming pool planning and design.

Tricot Residence

The firm is headed by landscape architect Roy T. Dufreche, ASLA, CLARB.

The firm's landscape development projects cover a vast range in size and type, including residential, commercial, institutional, educational, health care, and recreational projects for both public and private-sector clients.

Schillace Residence

As practiced by Roy T. Dufreche and Associates, planning and design are seen as action-oriented, problem solving processes that examine alternatives and evaluate their benefits and cost against the total goals of the client. Our projects are all approached with this philosophy. Our consistent management and decision making process is designed to maximize results within your given time and cost constraints.

Depoist Guaranty National Bank

Roy T. Dufreche and Associates is comprised of certified landscape architects with the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) and are members of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). Our firm is licensed to practice landscape architecture in both Louisiana and Mississippi.

Hood Residence Entry

Hood Residence Entry

The firm has been awarded several times for their planning and design work, including:

  • 1999--Deposit Guaranty National Bank, Louisiana Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects, 1999.
  • Southeastern Louisiana University master plan, Louisiana Chapter, American Institute of Architects, 2000.
  • Southeastern Louisiana University master plan, Louisiana Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects (President's Award of Excellence), 2001.
  • Tricot residence, Louisiana Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects, 2001.

The firm's work can been seen on their website at:

Natives Landscape Corporation

Heritage Manor

Heritage Manor

Natives Landscape Corporation was formed in 1983 and provides professional services in landscape architecture, landscape construction, environmental design and site planning. The firm's scope of work includes: consulting; private garden design; arboretum planning; botanical garden design; wetlands mitigation; golf course planning and development; and commercial developments.

Natives Landscape Crop, enjoys a successful history and selected gardens have been featured in Southern Living, National Gardening, American Nurseryman magazines, and for exhibit on private tours. Our technical and specialized services are provided to a client base, which prefers creative solutions integrated with the use of native and unique plant species.

Lake Front Trees

The company was recognized with a national award in 1987 at the annual Native Plant Conference in Cullowhee, North Carolina, for the innovative use of native plant species in its lake and conservancy management plan for The Lakes at Greenleaves in Mandeville, Louisiana.

The city of Mandeville, Louisiana, has retained Natives since 1994 as a landscape architect consultant. Responsibilities include reviewing site and development plans for compliance with city regulations and providing the city with concerns and recommendations for plan revisions.

Murrray House

Murrray House

Murrray House

Murrray House

Natives Landscape Corporation has been featured in numerous books including: William Fontenot's Native Gardening in the South; Charloffe Seidenberg's The New Orleans Garden; The National Wildflower Research Center's Wildflower Handbook, Sally and Andy Wasowski's Gardening with Native Plants of the South; and Carole Ottesen's Natural Plant Primer.

Natives Landscape Corporation holds the following professional registrations:

  • Registered Landscape Architect, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
  • Landscape Construction, Louisiana and Mississippi licensing boards
  • Landscape Contractor; Horticulture Service; Nursery Certificate I & II; Ground Owner/Operator, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Wetland Mitigation Training Certificates, Wetland Biogeochemistry Institute of LSU

Professional affiliations include:

  • American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Past President, Louisiana Natives Plant Society, 1991, 1992
  • Director, Conservation and Use of Native Plants in the Gulf Coastal Region, 1991
  • Board Member, Northlake Museum and Nature Center, Mandeville, Louisiana, 1994, 1995, 1996
  • Board Member, Eastern Native Plant Alliance, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995
  • Board, Louisiana Project Wildflower (District 62 Representative), 1989, 1990
  • Advisor, Cullowee, North Carolina, Landscaping with Native Plants Conference 1987-1997
  • Awards Chairman, North Carolina, Landscaping with Native Plants Conference 1989, 1990
  • Mobile Botanical Garden, Mobile, Alabama
  • Louisiana Society for Horticultural Research
  • Crosby Arboretum, Picayune, Mississippi
  • Hilltop Arboretum, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Louisiana Nature Conservancy
  • Briarwood (Caroline Dorman) Nature Preserve, Saline, Louisiana
  • Azalea Society of America (Louisiana Chapter)
  • Magnolia Society of America
  • Holly Society of America
  • American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • American Horticultural Society
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • New Orleans Horticultural Society, Inc.

Natives Office

Natives Office

Natives Landscape Corporation and its employees are fully covered by professional general liability, Louisiana worker's compensation, and commercial motor vehicle policies.

Jeffrey Carbo, ASLA Landscape Architects Site Planners

Gavioli Residence

Jeffrey Carbo, ASLA, Landscape Architects Site Planners, is a landscape architecture and planning firm located in Alexandria, Louisiana. The firm has a staff of 10. Its project experience ranges from commercial and institutional planning and design to award-winning estate residential landscape designs throughout Louisiana and the southeastern United States.

Gercle des Germes

The firm's philosophy is based on traditional and classic design principles that stand the test of time. These principles include careful analysis of a site's character and context and the creation of forms that also respond to its natural features. The firm's successes lie in the thoughtful analyses and close working relationships with clients.

Black Residence

Implementation of the firm's designs rely heavily on the use of authentic and honest materials and true craftsmen for hardscape elements. Care in the selection of native and traditional plant materials from the southeast's finest growers also contribute to the authenticity of the firm's designs.

Duval House

Beauregard Parish, Louisiana

Duval House

Duval House

Jeffrey Carbo, ASLA, did the master plan and design of the site infrastructure, hardscape and gardens surrounding a rebuilt plantation home that was previously destroyed by fire. Working closely with the owner, garden spaces were developed for the 80-acre property, including an entrance garden, the adjacent four-acre pond; the rear terrace garden; a camellia and azalea garden; pavilion; pool house renovation; and fountains as for the garden rooms. The tree-story, 25,000 sq. ft. home and property has several mature oaks that were preserved during the construction and planting of the renovated gardens.

Fontainebleau State Park Master Plan

St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

The Fontainebleau State Park master plan was prepared for the state of Louisiana and the Office of State Parks as a joint venture of Jeffrey Carbo, ASLA, Mesa Design Group of Dallas, and Trapolin Architects of New Orleans.

Fountainebleau State Park

On land that was once a Creole sugar plantation, Fontainebleau State Park is approximately 2,800 acres located on Lake Pontchartrain, just north of New Orleans across the Mississippi River. It includes many diverse ecosystems; longleaf pine stands; marshes; cypress swamps; small bayous; and sandy beach at the shore of the lake.

Fountainebleau State Park

The concept was to prepare a plan that reconnects visitors with the primary resource of the park--Lake Pontchartrain. The $25 million master plan includes a new visitor center; a nature center; preservation of sugar mill ruins; a restored WPA-era lakefront pavilion; and a lake front vacation cabin cluster that re-creates the vernacular architecture of Creole fishing villages at the water's edge. The project also includes beach restoration and erosion control, development and improvements to the trail system, and educational interpretive exhibits. The construction of the $7 million first phase of the project is scheduled to begin in late 2003, or early 2004.

ROMEX World Headquarters

Alexandria, Louisiana

The Roy O. Martin Lumber Co., is an international timber and wood products manufacturer and distributor. Jeffrey Carbo, ASLA, in association with Askew Nixon Ferguson Architects of Memphis, Tennessee, did the master plan and design for the private, employee-only, central courtyard and surrounding campus landscape. Inspired by the circular forms of growth rings in a hardwood timber cross section, the enclosed courtyard, visible from surrounding offices and conference rooms, was developed using these forms and colors. The design re-creates a forest stand adjacent to the interior walls of the courtyard, and features a fountain that cascades from a cluster of copper tubes that emulate stacked wood piles.

Romex Headquarters

Romex Headquarters

Squire Creek Golf Club and Residential Community

Choudrant, Louisiana

Lawton Residence

Antoon Residence

The developers of Squire Creek Golf Club near the north Louisiana town of Ruston, commissioned Tom Fazio to design a golf course on 1,1,00 acres of rolling hills, minutes from Interstate 20 between Shreveport and Monroe, Louisiana. Jeffrey Carbo, ASLA, worked with the developers to create a 600 lot residential community around the course, including single family homes, cottages and garden homes. The firm assisted in planning major street alignments, residential clusters, public park spaces, and rights-of-way amenities, such as lighting, landscaping and walks. The firm is doing the master plan for clubhouse amenities, including the swimming pool complex and tennis facilities. The firm is also planning the community entrance scheduled fro completion in early 2004.

Nimrod Long & Associates, Inc.

Vulcan Park

Vulcan Park

Vulcan Park

Nimrod Long and Associates, Inc., is a professional design firm providing land planning, landscape architecture and urban design services in Birmingham, Alabama.

The firm's design goal is to create works that enrich the community tapestry, improve the quality of lives in the community, and enlarge their own experience as designers. The firm believes the best marketing tool is to leave a legacy of projects that are memorable and have positively affected the people who use them. To achieve this goal it is important to continue to grow as a team, to expand interests, experiences, and expertise.

Nimrod Long III, FASLA, the firm's founder and president, has always believed that giving clients lasting value in design services and finished product gives the greatest opportunity to gain new commissions, and, more importantly, maintain existing clients. NLA has two principals, Joel Eliason, ASLA, and Dave Giddens, ASLA; the senior associate is Ryan Collins, ASLA. These key people have been responsible for many of the firm's finest projects.

The firm has a long list of memorable and award winning projects to its credit.

Vulcan Park

NLA is the project landscape architectural firm for the renovation of historic Vulcan Park. The park is home to Vulcan, the tallest (55 feet) cast iron statue in the world. Vulcan was Birmingham's "Grand Prize" winning entry in the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. In 1938, the WPA built the park as a permanent home for the statue.

Linn Par

Mountain Brook Village and Greenway Master Plan

Mountain Brook's village streetscape project grew out of an appeal by merchants for improvements to remain competitive with other local shopping areas. Nimrod Long and Associates was hired to design streetscape improvements for three historic retail villages. The goal of the project was to enhance the existing qualities of the villages with improved sidewalks, attractive lighting, better parking and proposals for appropriate infill development to strengthen the village's character.

Hardrock Cafe

Peachtree Street

Nimrod Long and Associates was awarded first prize in an international design competition for the redesign of Peachtree Street, co-sponsored by Central Atlanta Progress and the city of Atlanta. NLA's winning entry is based on the belief that the development of quality civic space, whether parks, plazas, or pedestrian corridors, must be firmly tied to the history and physical context of the site. The jury selected the NLA entry out of 112 entries from 13 nations.

Woodruff Park

Woodruff Park, in the heart of the city's financial district, is Peachtree Street's most significant open space. The Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA) identified the park as one of the major pedestrian sites associated with the 1996 Olympics. The park's Peachtree Street location, central proximity to the Underground, Auburn Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. National Park, and Olympic venues made it a vital part of the city's Olympic pedestrian system.

Woodruff Park

These projects reflect only a small portion of the large body of work completed by this firm. NLA has also done many master plans for large commercial office parks, college campus, and government facilities, and many high-end residential site and landscape plans that have won awards.

Nimrod Long and Associates has a staff of 11 landscape architects and has worked on projects throughout the southeast.

To quote the firm's president, Nimrod Long III, "I have been fortunate over the years in the individuals that have been a part of my career--the clients certainly, but also my wife Nancy and my associates. I pride myself that NLA has always worked for the top clients in our market, and our work reflects the range and quality of our clients. I also learned early the value of attracting and retaining the very best people to produce the very best work."

Exterior Designs, Inc.

Murray Residence

Beverly Katz, APLD, was educated in interior design and liberal arts at the University of Texas. She continued her interior design education at Dominican College in New Orleans, then studied theory at the University of New Orleans, and pursued finance studies at Tulane University.

With this background, Katz founded Exterior Designs in 1971. Ms. Katz is known for her project coordination and seeking out the materials necessary to create special, intimate and functional designs. Her design concept is to develop outdoor "rooms," instead of simply adorning yards with plant materials. She incorporates interior design techniques into her landscape architecture, transforming outdoor spaces into exterior rooms with the use of masonry, wood, plants, sculpture, water features, and lighting. Courtyards, pools, and gardens are planned in detail using interior design techniques.

Rozans Residence

Katz's trademarks are the New Orleans-style courtyard and innovative pool designs.

Throughout the country, she has incorporated regional flora, specialty stonework, ponds and running fountains to mimic the unique spaces for which New Orleans is most appreciated. As a specialist in "problem solving for yards," Katz makes it possible for any space, no matter how bleak and forlorn, to reflect natural beauty.

Panno Residence

Ms. Katz's areas of knowledge include paving, masonry, landscaping, patio and pool design, horticulture, landscape architecture and the resolution of drainage problems. The works of local artists and artisans are reflected in her use of custom furniture, fountains, sculpture and other types of exterior adornment.

"I create special places that are irresistible and welcoming," she explains. "They provide an escape from the world and an environment in which to enjoy one's own piece of nature. I strive to impart a relaxed, sensual feeling that can not be duplicated anywhere else in a home, or in the world, even."

Wise Residence

Serving commercial and residential clients, Exterior Designs is one of the region's few woman-owned and operated landscape construction and maintenance companies. Her historic approach to problem solving through partnering with other experts on a project ensures the very best results for her clients.

"Before I present a concept to a client, I consult with whatever professionals are necessary to ensure the viability of the concept. I have a talent for finding great talent. I never stop learning from others," she notes.

Fakier Residence

The cornerstone of the Exterior Designs is to provide exemplary, attentive, customer service through professional planning; the highest quality craftsmanship through the skills of dedicated workmen and professionals; and to approach client projects in phases. The phased approach allows clients to tailor their desires and visions to meet fluctuations in their budget. Beverly makes long-term visions a reality.

Soll Residence

Katz's vision and persistence have reaped numerous awards and citations for her business acumen, creativity, quality of work and contributions to her community through volunteerism. She serves as a consultant to the Pool and Spa Association of America, and has formulated lectures, conferences and workshops for international gatherings of pool contractors and designers. Beverly holds a position on the board of the Japanese Garden Society; she is the regional coordinator of state representatives for the prestigious Association of Professional Landscape Designers serving Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Her volunteer interests include the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce; the Small Business Administration; New Orleans Family Services; United Way; and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Ms. Katz' knowledge in landscape design, planning, coordinating and supervising construction and maintenance crews for commercial and residential properties, has allowed Exterior Designs to achieve steady growth.

Cashio, Cochran, LLC

Audubon Park

Cashio, Cochran, LLC, one of the oldest and most prestigious landscape architectural offices in the south Gulf region of the United States, has produced a variety of professional services for government agencies, industry, public and private institutions, and individuals since its inception in 1968.

The firm has designed and built projects throughout the United States and is able to offer a complete range of design and management services. Because of the diversity of project experiences, Cashio, Cochran has the capacity to address complicated issues, coordinate the efforts of other design consultants, and manage the overall conduct of large-scale projects.

Monkey Hill

Monkey Hill

Cashio, Cochran, LLC, is responsible for much of the award-winning urban design in New Orleans. In the early 1970s, the firm was selected to design the renovation of Jackson Square in the city's historic Vieux Carre, and to coordinate the reorganization of the transportation patterns in the French Quarter, the first steps in the city's massive effort to renovate the oldest part of the New Orleans.

Throughout the 1970s, with the design and construction of the Washington Artillery Park, Edison Place, and the Moonwalk along the Mississippi River, as well as the renovation of the French Market Commercial complex, the firm continues to exhibit an understanding of complicated urban issues and an ability to coordinate with other consultants; work with city agencies and community groups; and have an appreciation for the historic fabric of the city.

Plano Garden

These various projects were given an Honor Award in 1981 from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). A critical part of the project was coordination with all regulatory agencies for the permitting of riverfront development on the Mississippi River. Other projects like Ponchartrain Beach in New Orleans, Southbank Riverwalk in Jacksonville, Florida, and Audubon Batture in New Orleans all represent complex waterfront projects, which interweave diverse groups into a thread of common benefit and interest in pursuit of what are the intrinsic environmental values of those cities. Southbank Riverwalk has received numerous national and local Florida design awards.

In the mid-1970s, the firm was selected as the prime consultant for the renovation and expansion of the Audubon Park and Zoological Garden. The redesigned zoo has received enthusiastic support from the public and recognition from the zoological community. In 1981, the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums (AAZPA) judged the Audubon Zoo to be one of the three best zoos of its size in America because of the unique way animals are exhibited, the overall design of the 54-acre facility, and the use of plant materials in the development. The Audubon Zoological Gardens also received a special Judge's Award from the American Association of Nurserymen for our innovative use of plant material and numerous Honor Awards from the LA Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Audubon Park

Cashio, Cochran, LLC, was the prime landscape architectural consultant for the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans. The theme--"Rivers as a Source of Life"--afforded the opportunity for the firm to combine its experience in water and recreation planning with its knowledge of planning and design traditions of New Orleans and its relationship to the Mississi

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