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Landscaper Fined $115,000 for Environmental Violations

In a November 2003 settlement, Pearson Landscaping of Newbury, MA agreed to pay $115,000 to settle allegations that it violated numerous environmental laws. Pearson Landscaping operated the Newbury Landfill between 1990 and 2000, and also ran the wood chipping operation next door. The complaint, filed by Attorney General Tom Reilly, alleges that Pearson handled, chipped, stored and disposed of solid waste at the wood chipping operation without the required state permits, and illegally filled state-protected wetlands next to the landfill with wood chips. The lawsuit also alleges that Pearson failed to operate the landfill in compliance with state requirements for managing sanitary landfills, that Pearson improperly filled wetlands at several other sites in Newbury and installed septic systems that did not meet Title 5 requirements.

"The Commonwealth's environmental laws are critical to protecting the public health and the environment," AG Reilly said. "Companies have an obligation to know and follow the rules and we will vigorously pursue those responsible for environmental violations."

Pearson stopped its operation at the Landfill in 2000 and has agreed to carry out wetlands training for its personnel in both 2003 and 2004. If Pearson pays the $100,000 within 30 days and completes the required wetlands training and fulfills all obligations under the settlement agreement, the remaining $15,000 penalty will be waived.

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