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Landscapers Will Pay More For Annual Permit

The cost of operating a landscape contract business is increasing in many ways, including annual permit fees.

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Landscapers and tree service providers in Wayne, New Jersey will soon be paying more for annual permits per the township ordinance.

Licensed landscapers must display a decal on the front bumper of their trucks as well as the driver's side of their trailers.

According to the ordinance, which has been in effect for over 20 years, if a violator is spotted they are given five to seven days to obtain a permit. If they do not comply within that time period than a court date will be set, at which time a violator will face court fees and a fine.

The current cost for an annual permit is $25. It is unclear at this time exactly how much that price will be increased. Tom Cantisano, chief sanitarian of the Wayne Health Department said it is expected to happen within the next several weeks.

A violator taken to court will face $30 in court fees. The fine for non-compliment is assessed by the judge as each individual situation varies. And they must purchase a permit.

"And if a violator still refuses to comply and is caught again they will then face legal action," he said.

The health department has a running inner office listing of licensed landscapers and tree service providers for which a township official or a member of the Wayne Police can verify via a quick phone call from the road regarding a possible violator, explained Cantisano.

"We're hoping getting the word out will help spark an onslaught of landscapers and tree service providers to come in and obtain permits," he stated.

To better assist residents, a list that includes over 200 registered landscapers and tree service providers that are currently licensed to work in Wayne was made available on the township website under municipal codes. The list is updated frequently.

"The list is great because it's all legit businesses," said Cantisano.

Also upon receiving the permit, landscapers and tree service providers are given a copy of the township fertilizer ordinance in regards to storm water guidelines.

"If they file for a permit that means they are made aware of the health issues that fertilizer runoff creates. Once they are given a permit they must adhere to the municipal ordinance," he added.

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November 12, 2019, 2:47 am PDT

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