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Landscaping Executives Build Park

ValleyCrest managers and executives from around the country were put to work to build a park for Sylmar, Calif. in a single day. The "big wigs" were teamed up and evaluated at the end of the day by a panel of judges.

Managers and executives from a leading landscape contracting firm got a surprise in February when they showed up at a corporate meeting and ended up building a park. In a single day, the group accomplished what might have taken the city five years and cost taxpayers $500,000.

ValleyCrest's annual corporate meeting gathering of more than 150 managers and executives from across the nation was going along as planned, winding down to a pleasant and amiable dinner event.

"Pass the rolls, please and, yes, I will have another glass of the red."

It was then, however, that the attendees got some surprising news. Right then they were divided into teams and told they would all depart the hotel the following morning, dressed in their red ValleyCrest T-shirts, and congregate in an empty lot in Sylmar, a San Fernando Valley, Calif. community just over the hill from Los Angeles. The mission? To build a park in a single day!

Thanks to ValleyCrest, the children and families of Sylmar have a park to enjoy. It was designed beforehand by company landscape architect Jim Hellinger, ASLA.

The park design was by the ValleyCrest Design Group lead by landscape architect Jim Hellinger, ASLA. "Our primary goal was to create a welcoming park for the local kids," said Mr. Hellinger. The park includes a playground, picnic area, soccer field and barbeques.

It's estimated what ValleyCrest accomplished in a day would have probably taken the city five years and cost tax payers about a half-million dollars. In this case, no tax dollars were consumed.

"As a business resident of the San Fernando Valley for the past six decades, we thought this was the perfect location to donate our time and resources and build the residents of Sylmar their new park," explained ValleyCrest President Richard Sperber.

When the work was accomplished Telfair Avenue was closed to traffic and a block party ensued, with the kids enjoying balloons, face painting and arts and crafts.

Mr. Sperber was joined by Calif. State Senator Alex Padilla and Jim Combs, assistant general manager of L.A. Parks and Recreation for a naming ceremony, unveiling a plaque that named the new park--"ValleyCrest Telfair Park."

"It is inspiring to see what can be accomplished in the span of one day," marveled Senator Padilla. "This is an incredible example of a company and its employees stepping up, reaching out and making a difference in the lives of local residents."

"We hope that we've created an innovative model with this project that can be emulated by other companies in other cities throughout the region," said Mr. Sperber. "This was a really rewarding experience for ValleyCrest and such a dramatic transformation for the community. Judging by the success of this project, there really is no telling what we might accomplish during our next annual meeting!"

Source: ValleyCrest

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