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G.E. Fielder & Associates, Chartered,
Columbia, Md.

G. E. Fielder & Associates (GEF) is celebrating two decades of landscape architecture, environmental, planning and engineering services. The firm is a women-owned business. GEF provides municipal, land-use, site and master planning, landscape architecture and environmental services.

The GEF portfolio includes many transportation, commercial, residential, park and recreational projects.


Clemyjontri Park/Playground, McLean, Va.

Clemyjontri Park opened Oct. 2007. This popular park gets about 200,000 visitors a year. The central feature is a two-acre handicapped-accessible playground that includes an accessible carousel and greenspaces. Rebecca Boon, Clemyjontr park manager, calls Clemyjontri Playground the “happiest place on earth every day.” Sit on the swings, or look for the dolphin who jumps in the ocean, she advises.
There are all kinds of cool playground structures: an accessible helicopter, multi-solution maze and upper and lower body elements for strength and coordination. Embedded in most of the equipment are learning games involving geography, time zones, maps and clocks. There are pictures for dyslexic children and patterns for color-blind ones. The educational aspect is a leveler for children of various abilities. The playground is brightly colored and the colors are taught.
G.E. Fielder & Associates did the master plan for the playground design. The project has won multiple awards.


The Preserve at Avenel, Potomac, Md.

The Preserve at Avenel is a single-family home project within the development. The new property owner realized the uniqueness of the site and its potential to be the crown jewel of the well-known community. The property was rezoned and a master plan amendment approved, prior to preliminary plan and site plan engineering. The site has 216 specimen trees that are 30-inch caliper or larger; 152 of these trees were retained in the final design. The site contains 52 single-family lots ranging in size from 15,000 square feet to two acres.
G. E. Fielder & Associates was responsible for the forest stand delineation, concept plans, conceptual site plan, forest conservation plan type II and landscape planting plan.
1997 Red Maple Award, Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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