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RTKL Associates Inc., Baltimore, Md.,
Washington, D.C. (and Chicago, Miami, Dallas, L.A., London, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai)

The practice began with Archibald Rogers and Francis Taliaferro in the Annapolis, Md. basement of Rogers’ grandmother’s house in 1946. The first important commission was Trinity Methodist Church in Annapolis. “Rogers, Taliaferro, Kostritsky and Lamb” was shortened to RTKL in 1968, and the following year adopted the studio system to improve the design and coordination of commissions.

Over six decades, RTKL has evolved into a global design firm, opening offices worldwide. RTKL is a full-service planning, architecture and creative services organization with a diverse portfolio of experience and expertise. Always at the table is great architecture rooted in smart planning and urban design.

Entertainment City Qatar, Doha, Qatar

Entertainment City in Qatar’s capitol city of Doha is a 240-acre destination development, a modern model of smart growth, integrating transit into an efficient multiuse environment of entertainment, employment, shopping and housing. Key elements include an impressive array of theatres, gourmet restaurants, specialty shops and boutique hotels. The neighborhoods have distinct themes, some active and engaging; others relaxing and regenerative.
Photo: RTKL Associates Inc.

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort, Cambridge, Md

The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina combines a 400-room hotel, a 24,000-sq. ft. conference center, a 15,000-sq. ft. spa, an 18-hole golf course with clubhouse and a 150-slip marina. Situated on 342-acres along a reclaimed one-mile stretch of the Choptank River, the resort features detailed landscaped courtyards and recreation areas with spectacular vistas of Chesapeake Bay.
Photo credit: David Whitcomb

U.S. Embassy, Kampala, Uganda

The design of the 15,250 square meter U.S. Embassy compound in Kampala accommodates the inherent complexities of a secure government facility without sacrificing graciousness, accessibility and cultural relevance.
Every aspect of the design—master planning, landscape architecture, architecture, and security planning—supports the compound’s varied functions. Design elements link interior and exterior spaces, providing interesting venues for hosting diplomatic events. The Center Court and Consular Garden are shelters from the harsh African sun and offer stunning views of colorful native plantings and distant views of Kampala.
Photo: E. Gill Lui 2001

U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Washington, D.C.

The United States Capitol needed a dynamic visitor center to serve as a reception area and educational showcase, a place the three million annual visitors could gather while awaiting entry into the building.
The concept of the visitor center expanded to a facility encompassing 580,000-square feet located under the Capitol’s East Plaza. Considered as the last major addition to the storied evolution of the Capitol, this facility enhances security, while maintaining an atmosphere of free public access.
The design philosophy focused on complementing the Capitol, while maintaining compatibility with the existing scale and eclectic styles. Expanding upon these timeless elements, the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center is the extension of the Capitol that welcomes visitors to the seat of American government without changing the buildings appearance or compromising its integrity.
Photo: U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

Xuhui New Waterfront Competition, Shanghai, China

The Jiushi Xuhui development along the shoreline of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China will be a world-class model of sustainable waterfront development, striking a balance between environmental, economic and community development. What was formerly a barrier to the water will give the community access to the waterfront.
This new waterfront development will support a range of research and employment facilities, building synergies with the adjacent Fenglin Bio-Science zone and the existing Government Center. The creation of this new economic foundation will help to insure the site’s long-term sustainability.
Photo: RTKL Associates Inc.

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