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GBtwo Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Scottsdale, Ariz.

GBtwo was established in 2004. Principal Shari Zimmerman, RLA, ASLA has over 14 years of experience in urban and community development, campus, commercial and residential projects. Principal Leah Manbeck, RLA, ASLA, registered in Arizona and Ohio, has 16 years in the profession and considerable project management experience. All three of firm's projects presented here have achieved LEED certification.

Chandler City Hall, Chandler, Ariz.

Constructed in 2010, the Chandler City Hall campus covers 4.3 acres and brings a new urban energy to this historic downtown area. A pedestrian-oriented streetscape with generous sidewalks, narrowed road widths, on-street parking and lots of shade trees is designed to safely accommodate pedestrians and vehicles. The courtyard/plaza spaces are pedestrian conduits and functional areas for large events or for individuals to enjoy a moment of respite. Reclaimed gray water, generated by the building's mechanical systems, provides ample water for irrigation and water features, and contributed to a LEED-accredited model of sustainable public design. This project won an American Society of Landscape Architects, Arizona Chapter Honor Award in 2012.

ASU College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation Phase 2, Phoenix

At this newly constructed addition to the downtown Phoenix Arizona State University campus, restful organic landscape forms break through the busy urban grid, creating a restorative outdoor space that is an integrated extension of building form and function. The streetscape creates a strong downtown campus edge. The multifunctional plaza areas can accommodate large groups. A small desert garden attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Appaloosa Library, Scottsdale, Ariz.

This Scottsdale library branch is located on 3.9 acres in an area of natural Sonoran Desert largely undisturbed by previous uses. GBtwo worked closely with the design team to integrate a large parking lot and other site elements into the natural grade, to incorporate alternative hardscape materials that blend the architecture into the native desert, and to restore Sonoran vegetation by transplanting over 40 trees and cacti salvaged from the site. An entry bridge at the building entrance spans a recreated natural water harvesting arroyo, a perfect pedestrian transition from exterior to interior spaces. The project received LEED-Gold certification.

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