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Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
(Phoenix, Tucson, Avondale, and Mesa)

Kimley-Horn's landscape architects and planners take an integrated design approach to commercial districts, brownfields, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, multiuse community centers and open space, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, trail connectivity, and transit-oriented development. Since 1967, Kimley-Horn has grown to become one of the country's premier consulting firms, with over 1,700 employees (60+ principals) in over 60 offices. The Phoenix, Avondale and Mesa offices are led by Pierre Pretorius, PE; Dave Perkins, PE, PTOE heads the Tucson branch. The Ariz. offices have a staff of eight LAs.

Casino Del Sol Expansion, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Tucson

Kimley-Horn specializes in tribal lands projects. It provided landscape architectural design services (hardscapes, planting, irrigation and site furnishings) for the 20-acre Casino del Sol Expansion project for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. The project includes a new 225-room, 3-diamond hotel; a tri-level parking structure; a 45,000-square foot convention and gaming addition; a 17,000-square foot warehouse; and renovation to the casino. The landscape architecture began with an inventory of successful site features, and the design effort focused on integration of these features. The design effort focused on integration of these features into the expanded landscape, parking lot landscape, entry sequence and a large pool area with an adjacent event space.

South Mountain Community College Library and Campus Expansion, Phoenix

The new 45,000-sq. ft. South Mountain Community College Library features sustainable architecture and integrates landscape design sensitive to its surroundings. Kimley-Horn's role was in hardscape collaboration, construction administration and sustainable design solutions: low-water-use plants, water-conserving irrigation, water harvesting and local material selection. The project won the 2012 Arizona ASLA Chapter's President's Award for Excellence. The project area included a large parking lot, entry drive and a gathering plaza on the north end of campus. Kimley-Horn researched and integrated the specific types of cut flowers, the variety of fruit trees and the physical layout of the small canal-fed farms historic to the area. The design-metaphor of desert agriculture was expressed through aligned desert plants and horizontal planes of inert groundcover materials. Little leaf Cordia (Cordia parvifolia), for instance, references cotton in size and structure with puffs of white flowers against the medium green foliage. Citrus trees in a grid in the Children's Patio directly interprets citrus groves. Large open annual bed planters in geometric rows of bold flowers emulate the beautiful symmetry of the cut-flower farms. The curbs are cut to direct runoff into recessed parking lot planters. Evergreen elms (Ulmus parvifolia), blue 'Palo Verde' (Parkinsonia florida), and a hybrid cousin (Parkinsonia hybrid) are in the planters. This installation is just over a year old, but the plants here are significantly fuller, healthier and offer more shade than the same species of tree in an adjacent parking lot without the benefit of passive rainwater capture.

40th Street and Pecos Road Park-and-Ride Facility Upgrades and Expansion, Phoenix

Phoenix selected Kimley-Horn to design the expansion of the park-and-ride facility at 40th Street and Pecos Road. The lot contains 562 parking spaces and uses a portion of the 16.85 acres. For the expansion project, Kimley-Horn provided layout, civil engineering, erosion control, planting, stormwater management, public outreach, and permitting services.

Flowing Wells Community Center, Tucson

This important community center was driven by enormous neighborhood and Tucson Board of Supervisor support, which was a positive force for the design. As a subconsultant, Kimley-Horn's landscape architecture supported the design of the site. Important components of the site design were considerations of user comfort in the courtyards and outdoor spaces, pedestrian safety, visibility, and minimizing conflicts with traffic. Kimley-Horn addressed the site landscape design through collaborative coordination with the community and the agencies, soliciting feedback on bus routes, bike routes, neighborhood access, user needs, buffering and the site design contribution to the overall cohesiveness of the project image.

Pedestrian Enhancement

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