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Waibel & Associates
Tempe, Ariz.

Principal Janet Waibel, RLA, leads Waibel & Associates, landscape architecture. Elizabeth LeSueur, RLA, Max Gitenstein (design, graphics manager) and Joel Carrasco (design) round out the team. Janet Waibel is responsible for project designs and oversees plan preparation. The firm offers planning, conceptual design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration. Current projects include streetscape designs, hardscapes and plazas, site master planning, landscape restoration, efficient irrigation design, native desert plant inventory/salvage, preparation of specifications and details for construction, cost estimation, construction administration and maintenance programs.

Centennial Way, Phoenix, Ariz.

Waibel & Associates Landscape Architecture was a member of the design/build team that redefined Centennial Way, a historic corridor that connects downtown Phoenix to the state capitol building along Washington Street. The project had to be completed in time for the Arizona Centennial Celebration in February 2012. A fast-tracked schedule and design/build contract generated new shaded pedestrian walks, decorative street paving, sidewalks, seating, landscaping and irrigation. Waibel & Associates designed the landscape, irrigation, shade structures, county displays, tribal sculptures, and way-finding signage. The structures, enhanced with text and photos, narrate the history of Arizona for pedestrians walking along Centennial Way. The design team worked continuously for 18 months with the steering committee, city, county, and state staff, tribal communities and local stakeholders toward completion of the construction documents, concept approval, design, and through to the finished project.

Engel Hall at Chandler Gilbert Community College, Mesa, Ariz.

Waibel & Associates had the opportunity to design hardscape, landscape and irrigation for outdoor plazas and spaces at Engel Hall Nursing Building and Amphitheater as a landscape architect subconsultant. Newly defined spaces provide shaded areas for students to study and gather outdoors, and room to relax and unwind between classes. A 900-people-capacity turf amphitheater accommodates low-water use trees and plant materials were selected to complement building architecture and provide seasonal interest and color. Waibel & Associates provided construction administration and reviewed submittals, samples and performed construction administration services.

Ariz. Residential Works

The client's vision for a residential site is carefully blended with the needs of the natural landscape from the earliest stages of the project design. Hardscape materials and plant selection are top priorities, with additional consideration for the desired aesthetics and ambiance. Maintenance needs and irrigation budgets are factored in. The most current technologies in irrigation and lighting are applied to all of Waibel's projects.

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