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Weston Solutions, Inc. Albuquerque

Founded in 1957, Weston is an international environmental consulting and design firm with over 1,800 employees. The Albuquerque office opened in 1985. In 2009 Weston acquired Resource Technology, an Albuquerque-based civil engineering and landscape architecture firm with 28 years of drainage and water experience. RTI has expertise in trails and parks development. Weston and RTI now offer planning and design of recreational facilities, restoration of degraded rivers and arroyos, storm water modeling, environmental remediation services and redevelopment of brownfields.

Santa Fe River Trail and Channel Restoration, Santa Fe

In 2007 the Santa Fe River had the dubious distinction of being named America's most-endangered river by the conservation group American Rivers. This, and a longstanding community desire for a recreational trail along the waterway, led the Weston team to apply ''natural channel design'' principles, supported by traditional hydraulic engineering analysis and flow modeling, to stabilize the channel and restore native vegetation along a 1.5-mile reach of the river. Stepped overbank terraces to accommodate higher-stage flood flows flank the meandering low-flow channel. Massive limestone boulders provide grade control and bank protection. The parallel trail uses reinforced-fill slope stabilization in lieu of retaining walls to minimize impacts on existing trees and riparian vegetation. Construction of the first three phases was completed in the spring of 2012, with an additional 1.5-mile phase scheduled to go to construction in 2013

Ambassador Edward Romero Park, Albuquerque

Instead of traditional ''swings and soccer fields'' for the four-acre park of the new development, Weston and the county saw an opportunity to develop a showpiece of sustainability, and include the city's first custom-designed public outdoor climbing wall. The stormwater design is terraced bioswales lined with recycled concrete slabs to carry street runoff, allowing infiltration of low flows; higher flows are conveyed to the lowest part of the site. The park features permeable concrete in the parking stalls and permeable pavers in the entry plaza. Most of the vegetation is native or drought-tolerant. The irrigation will be tied into a nonpotable water line planned for construction within the next year. The wetland supports native cottonwoods, willows and sedges and is surrounded by a native wildflower meadow.

Los Candelarias Village Center Streetscape, Albuquerque

Roddick & Dunbar and Weston implemented the first phase of the Village Center master plan, a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streetscape renovation with wider sidewalks, plantings, benches, narrower driving lanes to allow bike lanes and medians to calm traffic and help pedestrians cross five lanes of asphalt. Arcs and sinuous insets of quartzite flagstone reflect the river and acequia system (engineered water canals). Informal massings of native or naturalized plants edge the project. Graphic images on sandblasted tiles depict crops, while student poetry is etched on stone plaques on the columns of shade trellises.

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