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Beals and Thomas, Inc.
Southborough, Mass.

Beals and Thomas, Inc., is a 35-person multidisciplinary consulting firm headquartered in Southborough, Mass. Founded in 1984, the firm collaborates with civil engineers, land surveyors, and environmental professionals to design projects that are compatible with physical and regulatory environments, and incorporates critical details to ensure a cohesive design. Beals and Thomas's landscape architects perform comprehensive site design, engineering and permitting services for parks/playgrounds, trail systems, athletic fields, recreational facilities and commercial projects, guiding the design and ensuring that spaces are unique, sustainable and cost effective.

Elm Park, Worcester, Mass.

Beals and Thomas provided the City of Worcester with a master plan for improvements to Elm Park, a 21-acre site considered to be one of the first public parks in the United States. The park dates back to 1854, with elements designed by the firm of renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Elm Park is famous for its historic bridges, which were reconstructed in 1985, and continues to host many activities including boating and ice skating on the ponds, walking paths, picnic and playground areas, as well as concerts and festivals.

Park improvements included installation of new playground equipment and safety surfacing, pond wall repair, improved pathway systems both in and around the park, creation of ADA-accessible walkways, enhanced lighting features and new park benches throughout the park.

Goodwill Park Playground, Holliston, Mass.

The Goodwill Park playground is a 0.75-acre recreational reconstruction project that provides access for individuals of all ages and abilities. The restoration of Goodwill Park was made possible by the collaborative efforts of local organizations under the direction of Mission Possible: Holliston, which supports the development, improvement and maintenance of recreational spaces for current and future generations. The reconstructed playground incorporates a new parking area, accessible playground equipment, picnic areas, informal play areas, seating, and educational and sensory opportunities associated with multiple rain gardens and landscape materials. Reconstruction of the existing tennis courts and basketball court, currently under construction, will complete the transformation of this outdated facility into a state of the art recreational destination.

aloft and element Hotels, Lexington, Mass.

The Aloft and Element hotels can be found just outside of Boston, adjacent to the rich American history within Minute Man National Historical Park. Beals and Thomas played a major role in resolving the architectural, site planning, traffic mitigation, and public transportation concerns associated with the site's proximity to the national park, and designed a village green located between the two hotels that provides a passive area, echoing the character of Lexington's historic town common. Beals and Thomas also incorporated sustainable components that contributed to the hotel's LEED Gold certification, including alternative transportation (public transportation access, bicycle storage, parking capacity), protection and restoration of habitat, stormwater design, and water efficient landscaping.

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