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CBA Landscape Architects
Cambridge, Mass.

For more than 25 years CBA Landscape Architects has excelled at the design of public and private landscapes. Residential sites from city gardens to estates, public parks and playgrounds, library and museum grounds and commercial developments are all integral components of CBA's portfolio. The firm's work is highly contextual, generating richly detailed compositions that have been published in Landscape Architect and Specifier News, Landscape Architecture Magazine, Garden Design and numerous regional publications. The firm has two principals and four designers.

Dr. Loesch Family Park, Codman Square, Dorchester, Mass.

Dr. Loesch Family Park was first established in 1899 as an open city block ringed by mature trees. While always a focus of community life, the park developed into a dilapidated hangout for illegal activity. To transform the space, CBA worked with community input to create a design that best responded to the neighborhood's interests and budget. Boston Mayor Menino calls the new park "an oasis in the city." State-of-the-art lighting, a new basketball court, play equipment and seating brought new life and pleasant spaces to the park.

Photos: Ed Wonsek

Morse-Kelley Playground, Somerville, Mass.

Morse-Kelley Playground was envisioned by the community as an active, all-ages gathering space for a wide variety of uses. CBA's design transformed the park from a virtually unbroken asphalt surface into a dynamic place with a series of defined, inviting spaces. It is Somerville's first park to welcome the skateboarding community, incorporating multiuse skate components, alongside a community garden, playground, and sports features.

Photos: Ed Wonsek

CBA Residences throughout New England

CBA Landscape Architects designs residential grounds and gardens from city lots to multi-acre estates. CBA's residential designs respond to the architecture and the natural features of the site. The firm works closely with clients and architects to ensure their visions translate into memorable landscapes.

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