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F.A. Hesketh & Associates, Inc.
East Granby, Conn.

F.A. Hesketh & Associates, Inc., has been offering design and development services to clients throughout New England and New York since 1976. Projects include residential and industrial developments, garden and courtyard design, commercial shopping centers and regional malls, medical office and office park developments, environmental and mitigation design, mixed-use development complexes, corporate campus master planning, and streetscape design. The staff consists of four principals and eight professional employees, including engineers, landscape architects and land surveyors.

CIGNA Campus, Bloomfield, Conn.

F.A. Hesketh & Associates, Inc., provided master planning and landscape architecture design for the CIGNA corporate campus in Bloomfield, Conn., in 2011. The project called for an aesthetic streetscape and improvements to pedestrian safety, including ADA compliance, for CIGNA employees and visitors. The project includes several traffic calming devices to help promote a safer vehicular and pedestrian experience within the site. The width of the main drive was reduced and median islands were installed to keep vehicle speeds down and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment. The median islands are landscaped, and a 10-foot wide pedestrian path was installed behind a 10-foot wide landscaped snow shelf to move pedestrians off the roadway for walking or cycling in a safer environment. Safer pedestrian crosswalks, delineated with colored, stamped concrete were fashioned between the parking fields and the main building with raised pedestrian speed tables at the crosswalks. The speed tables provide a visual signal of a pedestrian crossing and 'calm' the vehicular traffic along the main drive.

ING Building, Windsor, Conn.

In 2005, F.A. Hesketh & Associates, Inc. provided master planning and landscape architecture design for the ING U.S. office building in Windsor, Conn. The success of this fast-track project kept 2,500 ING employees in the greater Hartford metropolitan area. Several coordination meetings with the lead architect and ING stakeholders were convened to determine the final location and orientation of the building and unique parking fields. The project included the placement of a 425,000 square foot building and associated parking fields within an environmentally sensitive site. A network of dedicated pedestrian paths link the remote parking fields to the building's entrance points. Recreational pathways are situated in close proximity to the building so employees can enjoy the woodlot adjacent to the facility. These pathways are designed to link the building to a future town-wide pedestrian system.

Putnam Plaza, Glastonbury, Conn.

F.A. Hesketh & Associates, Inc. provided landscape architectural design for streetscape and internal parking field landscaping at the proposed Home Depot building at Putnam Plaza in Glastonbury, Conn., in 2000. The proposed site is located in close proximity to a very successful office, hotel and lifestyle retail development. The design involved mitigation of the parking expanse required by the home improvement store, while being sensitive to the visibility needed by the tenant. The final design scheme was an undulating berm with a variety of plant material that provides year-round visual interest. The width and height of the berm varies to avoid monotony, accentuating visual corridors into the site for safety and retail exposure. Several large internal parking lot islands are scattered throughout the parking field, allowing large canopy trees to provide needed shade, compartmentalizing the required parking area. The streetscape plantings provide an aesthetic treatment for the pedestrian experience adjacent to Putnam Boulevard and the retail development throughout the year.

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