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Warner Larson, Inc.

Warner Larson, Inc. is an award-winning landscape architectural firm integrating comprehensive site design, engineering and permitting services for academic institutions, athletic facilities, parks and playgrounds, commercial developments and residential projects. The firm developed a solid reputation for high quality design solutions with personal attention to detail under the leadership of Gary Larson for the firm's first 25 years. In 2003, after having been with the company for six years, David Warner became a shareholder. He has expanded the firm's capabilities in parks, sports and higher education markets in the public and private sectors.

Boston Design Center, South Boston

Boston Design Center is a former military warehouse located next to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal (left), just 0.6 miles east of the Boston Convention Center. In conjunction with the building renovation project by Flansburgh Associates, Warner Larson designed the main entrance plaza at the end of this long structure consistent with the building's scale and character on the waterfront. The durability of the materials and the timelessness of the design of this open space has enabled this plaza to age gracefully over the years.

Avenue 264, Boston

With all of the parking below grade, this 27-unit residential condominium building, formerly the site of an abandoned gas station, has open space for a variety of seasonal plantings, which complement the architectural design of John Cole.

Goodale Park, West Boylston, Mass.

At Goodale Park, basketball and tennis courts, located in a large athletic park adjacent to the West Boylston Middle/High School, were situated on a sloping site. The courts had fallen into disrepair, the result of major erosion problems. Warner Larson led a design team that included civil, electrical and geotechnical engineers from proposal through construction. The slope uphill of the courts was excavated to expose rock ledge. This excavation provided room for court expansion, and created a stable slope resistant to erosion, thus maximizing the site's usable area.

Oliver Hazard Perry Schoolyard, South Boston

Since 1995, the Boston Schoolyard Initiative has been transforming urban schoolyards, often completely paved over, by introducing exciting new designs for active play and outdoor classrooms. Warner Larson viewed this small urban lot as an opportunity to create distinctive play spaces. The design was a challenge, as different age groups play here. A custom play boat encourages imaginative play, while strengthening the maritime theme of the design. The same theme is found in the active play installations, which are designed to build upper body strength and encourage social interaction.

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