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BIA Elects New Leaders

Brett Packer, BIA chairman

The Brick Industry Association has elected new leaders including a new chairman, board members and officers. Longtime officer Brett Packer, president, Packer Brick Inc., Garland, Texas starts a two-year term as BIA chairman after serving as vice chairman. Robert F. Belden, president and CEO, The Belden Brick Co., Canton, Ohio, returns as vice chairman. Sam Strang, president, Alley-Cassetty Companies Inc., Nashville, Tenn., will serve a second term as treasurer. Charles Ward, senior vice president and general manager, Hanson Brick, Charlotte, N.C., was named secretary. Immediate past chairman is Dennis Knautz, president and CEO, Acme Brick Co., Fort Worth, Texas.

''We're indebted to our board and council member's commitment to BIA's mission and our shared belief that genuine clay brick delivers the greatest value for sustainable building,'' said Gregg Borchelt, BIA's president and CEO.

BIA's Distributor Council elected Joe Rice, chief executive officer, Belden Tri-State Building Materials, as chairman for two additional years. Jerry Vinci, executive vice president, Illinois Brick Co., returns as vice chairman. Former Vice Chairman Mike Ludden, president of L. Thorn Co. Inc. was appointed treasurer.

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December 11, 2019, 1:13 pm PDT

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