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Happy New Year and Welcome to 2008

By George Schmok

I always like to set a motto for each year . . . You know, like "We're going to thrive in 2005" or "We'll have our kicks in 2006" or "2007 is going to be heaven" . . . So, now I really think "2008 is going to be Great!"

I think in 2008 the housing industry is going to rebound and construction will remain strong. I think the web will continue to provide business opportunities. I think LASN will have another great year if not another record year (so far in 2008 circulation, ad revenues and editorial pages are all up over 2007 . . . And 2007 was another record year for LASN . . .)

I think Landscape Architects will continue to rise in prominence and stature in both the construction industry and in the eyes of the public . . . I think ASLA will grow in 2008. I think donations to the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) will grow in 2008 as will disbursements . . . I think landscapes will earn their own LEED points in 2008 and I think Vermont and the District of Columbia will move closer to registering their Landscape Architects . . . I think it will be easier to earn CEU credits for Landscape Architects in 2008 . . .

Yeah . . . I think 2008 is going be great!!!

See every complete issue of LASN Online in 2008!!!

I really think you all are going to enjoy seeing LASN online in 2008 . . . What . . . You didn't know you can now see LASN as it is printed at . . . Every page and every ad can be viewed, exactly as it appeared in the magazine starting with the December 2007 issue. Every advertiser website provides a direct web link to their site from those pages and every editorial reference to a website also produces a direct link.

You can search every issue for key words or phrases . . . You can print the pages for references . . . You can blow up the pages and you can flip from one page to another with either a click of the mouse of a touch of the screen . . . You can find the table of contents and click on any article and be there in the blink of an eye . . . Oh yeah . . . 2008 is going be great!!!

In 2007, I was lucky enough to be a jury member for the awards competition of the Southern California ASLA Chapter. Among others, I was fortunate to sit with last year's ASLA national president, Pat Caughey, FASLA, and next year's ASLA national president, Angela Dye, FASLA, LEED AP . . . You know, the Southern California ASLA Chapter is the nation's second largest chapter (the Florida ASLA Chapter is larger, but represents the entire state) and the work we viewed was simply fantastic.

If you ever get a chance to sit on a jury, take it. The insight from the other jury members has to make an impact on the way you view your future projects.

The Grand Award winner was Mia Lehrer for her work on the Los Angeles River which is not only bold and beautiful but might very well make the Los Angeles River a real river before everything is said and done.

I know all across the country Landscape Architects are working on projects that affect the lives of millions of Americans and billions of people around the globe. I think in 2008 this trend will only gain momentum as the world increasingly appreciates the value of landscapes.

Yeah . . . No doubt about it, 2008 is going to be Great!!!

So . . . Welcome to the new year and welcome to the challenges facing us in the year ahead and welcome to all the victories this profession will have. Welcome to all the students who will graduate from a landscape architecture program and join the profession. Welcome to the new ASLA president, Perry Howard, FASLA. And welcome to any of you just picking up LASN for the first time . . .

2008 is going to be a year that may start with a bit of concern for the construction industry and may have a controversial election coming up, but for the business of landscape and for the profession in general and for LASN and hopefully for all of you . . .

2008 is going to be Great!!!

--God Bless

George Schmok, Publisher

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