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Anywhere in a scene of green is a place to play!

By George Schmok

As I write this we are just getting ready to leave for Philadelphia to attend the ASLA Annual Meeting. By the time I get there I wonder what the news will be regarding the economy . . .

In one week, the DOW had two drops of more than 400 points, yet netted a week over week loss of less than 50 points. In another week, virtually every major financial institution went belly up.

Then I heard Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, who have been heading up the committees that got us into this mess, come out blaming everyone else . . . basically saying, "It's not our fault," . . . All the while they are still at the helm . . . I understand the captain and the sinking ship thing, but this is not the Titanic. In this ocean, those two should be replaced and sent to the sharks . . .

Now, this week the deal that was on is now off, with the DOW falling 777 points on Mon. Sept. 29 . . . That number kinda makes me think there's a little bit of Vegas playing out on Wall Street and in the halls of the capitol . . . (next morning) . . . Well . . . At 9:00 a.m. PST on Tues., the Dow is up 300 points. I heard that 777 points is worth more than a trillion dollars, which means that we've (ok . . . someone) made about $500 billion so far today. Still, with five hours to go, who knows . . .

I guess that's just a playground for those who know what they are doing . . . Did I just say that? It sounds more like the kids using the playgrounds you'll find in this issue are making the decisions out there. Maybe we should get a bunch of monkey bars and place them all around D.C. and Wall Street. Not only would it be a great stress reliever, but those fat cats could trim up without having to mess with all the rest of us . . .

Who knows . . . Maybe one of the kids you'll see in this magazine will be leading the country someday and credit their long life and great health to the landscape architects who had the foresight to incorporate play areas into the landscape plans of their community.

It's kind of ironic that the playground is a metaphor for Wall Street and D.C. these days. There is this great set of Baby Boomers out there who are now pulling the strings and pushing the swings. And what better preparation for life than to grow up with a playground in your neighborhood? There you learn to cooperate with others, not to run too fast next to the rings and not to push too hard on the swings. There you learn to respect your elders, even if your elder is only 13. There you learn to watch out for the bullies and learn the difference between someone who can climb the pole and someone who wants you to think they can.

The playground is a vital American institution and needs to be protected and secured in a lock box . . . Fortunately for a lot of kids the best playground is the one on the other side of the fence . . . Anywhere in a scene of green is a place to play! That's right, the playground is also the home of the green movement.

Out of the mouths of babes

Leave it to the kids to recognize the need for trees and grass and growing things all around. It's an instinct. One of the very first things any parent does with their kid(s) is take them to the park . . . Get them out into the fresh air and familiar with the landscape.

Now, if we could just see to it that those big kids in places of power take advantage of their playground lessons and get rid of the bullies and kids who talk too much. For a great playground you need respect, competition, lots of energy, good basic rules and lots of growing things all around . . .

Yep, the playground is a vital American institution . . .

--God Bless

George Schmok, Publisher

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December 7, 2019, 3:37 am PDT

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