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The Mayans Were Messed Up . . .

By George Schmok

Welcome to 2012! I hope your Christmas and Holiday Season were awesome!

I sure hope the Mayans were all messed up with their calendar thing, or that the asteroid misses us, because I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a good year.

Take, for instance, the ALL NEW LOOK inside this issue of LASN! Content and Style. Yep, LASN’s own lead designer, Nicole Miller, and the editorial team spent the off-season giving LASN a fresh new makeover. Take a look inside. You will find the 2012 LASN is both appealing to the eye and an even easier read, packed with landscape architectural principles, principals, and current issues that matter most to Landscape Architects and land development professionals across the nation. You can let us know what you think by taking the survey at, but I’m liking the way 2012 is starting off!

Especially when you add the all new! If you haven’t been to this year, check it out . . . And be sure to hit the refresh button.

Did you know that has about 15,000 landscape articles and news items dating back to 1985? There are also more than 7,500 vendors in the product searches with tens of thousands of product profiles. While you’re there you can find hundreds of industry associations and events across the country.

The 2012 is much cleaner and easier to navigate than the 2011 model and has new features like Enhanced Article searches with posted comments, Enhanced Product Searches, EXPRESS Renew, Individual Profile Management and much, much more.

The banners are also much bigger, with less animation to distract the eye, while allowing more space to present a branding or product-specific message. Also, for the supply side, there is enhanced vendor profile management, onsite lead retrieval, enhanced search engine options . . .

OK . . . So forgive me if I sound like a proud father, but we’re pretty excited about the year ahead. I mean our 2012 advertising is up over 2011 and circulation is growing, as more commercial landscape specifiers are requesting the publication, and thousands each month are reading the digital version of the magazine as well. So yeah . . . We are pretty excited about the new year.

And from what the survey says, so is the industry. In fact, in a recent survey of hundreds of landscape contractors across the nation, right about 60 percent predicted a better year ahead, 32 percent thought it would stay about the same, and only 7 percent said they thought 2012 would be worse than 2011. (Maybe those guys were the Mayans =-). When Landscape Architects were ask the same question, only 17 percent thought 2012 would be worse, so 2012 is definitely showing some potential!

Did I mention we are also launching a new trade show and educational conference for Landscape Architects this March 30th in Long Beach, California? We’re calling it the LA Expo and it’s for Landscape Architects, planners, park and recreation professionals, commercial specifiers and design professionals. You should check out the seminar line-up and list of exhibitors at It’s already looking like the show of the season in the west!

The election is coming up, the Specifier’s Guide is coming up, the trade shows are coming up, building permits are up, spring is on its way, summer is going to be great . . .

Yep, 2012 is going to be better than 2011. So enjoy the winter and gear up for a good year ahead . . . We’ll see you there . . . And remember, even if the Mayans were right, we have at least until December . . .

God Bless.

George Schmok, Publisher

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