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Letters to the Editor

Formula for Community Zoning Changes

I read the story this evening in the latest issue of LASN about the recently revised Baton Rouge, Landscape Code.

I am pleased to report to you the ordinance went in to effect November 14 as scheduled and is at work making Baton Rouge a greener city. Certainly there was some disappointment on the part of a few commercial construction companies as reported in "Landscape Ordinance Causes Riff" in Vol. 19, Number 11 of LASN. But by far, the development industry as a whole accepted the changing zoning rules because it realizes the communities that succeed in the 21st century will be service sector economies that care about the environment. Smoke stack communities from years ago that consumed large amounts of land and natural resources are a thing of the past. Community landscape codes, tree preservation laws and land alteration codes will insure that nature plays a significant part in everyone's community. Developers, builders, landscape architects, engineers, city officials and citizens worked together to make the revisions to the Baton Rouge landscape code a success. That is the formula that any community should use when proposing changes to zoning that will protect, preserve and re-build nature in the city.
Keep up your good work on reporting on green laws.

Prof. Buck Abbey
Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Tree and Landscape Commission

"Cover to Cover"

Dear Editor:
Thanks [for your] excellent publication; one of the few I read cover to cover.

Courtney Yartz
Louisville, Kentucky


"Helpful and enlightening"

Dear Editor:

I find the publication helpful and enlightening, keeping me up-to-date on new materials, applications of historical materials, and design solutions.

Clifford Reinert
U.S. Corps of Engineers (retired)
Nashville, Tennessee


"...well respected...up to date"

Dear Editor:
Your publication is well respected, with up-to-date news, great short articles in the front section, and good , longer articles.
I read Landscape Architect and Specifier News every issue within a few days of receiving the publication.

Ronald Spangler
Anderson, Indiana


"Important Voice"

Dear Editor:
I enjoy this magazine very much. [It's] an important voice in our profession; down to earth. Keep it up.

John Squire
Sylvania, Ohio


LASN Publisher: Thanks to so many of you who have helped us grow and please keep those suggestions coming our way . . .


In the "Getty Center and the Art of Erosion Control" in the November LASN, Boulderscape and Drill Tech installed the nail walls below the Getty Center for a California Department of Transportation project. Landscape architects Emmet Wemple, Richard Meier & Partners, and Olin Partnership worked only on the Getty Center grounds, not on the nail wall.

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