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The Landscape Industry Show

February 24-25, Long Beach, California - 916-448-2522

Innovative products and services, and value-packed seminars and workshops make the Landscape Industry Show the best ever on February 24 and 25, 1993. Formerly known as GreenTECH, the 14th annual show is being held at the Long Beach Convention Center.

The over 300 exhibits, which are viewed by 6 to 7,000 attendees, include but are not limited to: computers, from systems to software; services, from pest control to public relations; and insurance, from auto to health. This is LASN's 8th year exhibiting and we look forward to everyone stopping by. This setting is especially conducive for the attendee and exhibitor to network.

The seven seminars brought to you are: "Seven Key Management Issues Facing California Companies in the 1990s" by Lloyd M. Smigel of Management Care Consultants, "Creating a Comprehensive Residential Lighting System" by Roger Northrop of Lumen-8, Inc., "Total Quality Management" by Kevin R. Kehoe of Richard Chang Associates, Inc., "The Basics of an Estimating System" and "Three Ways to Rediscover Your Overhead" by Charles Vander Kooi of Vander Kooi and Associates, Inc., "Cultural Practices to Reduce Pest and Disease Problems" by J. Randall Ismay of Water And Landscape Consultants, "Common Landscape Litigation and Consequences" by Ted Stamen of the U.C. Cooperative Extension. From managing to marketing, the seminars are geared specifically to the green industry professional's needs, allowing both the attendee and seminar leader to share new ideas and communicate state-of-the-art information on the industry.

The I.E.C.A. Annual Meeting

February 24-25, Long Beach, California - 916-448-2522

ECTC Offers Workshop at IECA Annual Meeting

The Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC), a non-profit council whose mission it is to promote rolled erosion products by providing education and leadership in the industry, will sponsor a workshop on the use and installation of rolled erosion control products at the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) annual conference in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 23-26. Serving as Chairperson for the Council is Jeff Rodencal, of Tensar Earth Technologies; Vice Chairperson is Marc Theisen, Synthetic Industries; Toney Driver of BonTerra America was elected as Secretary/Treasurer; and At-Large Directors include Lynn Ward of Akzo Industrial Systems and Larry Woods of Erosion Control Systems.

According to Toney Driver, ECTC Secretary/Tresurer, "the establishment of product standards and self regulation by the manufacturers will provide specifiers with standardized performance data. Minimum performance standards will virtually eliminate the necessity for expensive agency testing common in today's erosion control industry. Users, agencies, and university professors are invited to participate on these committees for the development of standard testing procedures." To contact the ECTC call (208) 882-9489.

Texas Looking At Erosion Control Products

Texas Transportation Institute under contract with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will begin the third evaluation cycle of erosion control products for use on highway construction and maintenance activities in January of 1993. With the Department's transition into the 1992 version of Standard Specifications for Construction of Highways, Streets and Bridges, erosion control related products, will have to be pre-approved for field performance evaluation. Evaluations are conducted by TTI's Environmental Management Program at the proving grounds located at the TAMU Riverside Campus, Bryan. Erosion control related products such as mats, blankets, mulches and channel liners are evaluated for a one-year cycle prior to being eligible for TxDOT's approved materials list. Participating manufacturers serve on the Industry Advisory Council (IAC), which provides an open forum between TTI, TxDOT and the Industry. Interested manufacturers are invited to participate and should contact:

Texas Transportation Institute, Environmental Management Program, Rm 109C, Langford Architecture Center, College Station, TX 77843-3137 - (409) 845-0133, fax (409) 845~491.

LASN to Display Play Park Design
Entries at LABASH '93

LABASH '93, the 23rd National Student Conference for students of landscape architecture will be held at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, California from March 18-21. LABASH is the only convention for landscape architecture students in North America. This will be the second time the conference will be held in California.

Design students and professionals will come together to explore the 1993 theme of Genius Loci - The Spirit of Place. Genius Loci can be described as the belief that each place has some measure of uniqueness or spirit that rests within it. Both students and professionals of landscape architecture are called upon to re-evaluate the theory of Genius Loci, and are asked: What is it? How can we get it? Why do we want it? What do we do when it's gone?

The activities scheduled include a Distinguished Lecture Series and workshops, which will focus on native planting, professional preparation, and graphics. In addition to the distinguished lecture and workshop series, LABASH will be filled with a host of other events to include a guided tour of Hearst Castle, wine tasting, a trip to Pismo Beach and the Trade Show. Among the exhibits featured at the Trade Show, LASN's Playpark Award Designs will be displayed for viewing.

For more information about LABASH '93 contact the Landscape Architecture Department, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 or call 805-756-1290.

CLARB Welcomes New President

Ronald J. Mlnarik

Ronald J. Mlnarik, Executive Vice President of the Phoenix firm of Coe & Van Loo Consultants, INc., was recently elected President of the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB).

Mlnarik is Past President of the Arizona Association of Landscape Architects and was the recipient of the ASLA Honor Award in 1986. He is a past member of the City of Phoenix Zoning Ordinance Review Committee and the City of Phoenix Visual Arts Committee.

Mlnarik was appointed to the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration in 1983 by Governor Bruce Babbit. He served on the board until 1990 and held the offices of Secretary, Vice Chairman and Chairman (1087-88).

CLARB is an organization of the registration boards of the United States and Canada which license landscape architects. CLARB assists its member boards in the regulation of landscape architectural practice through the preparation of the new national Landscape Architect Registration Examination and the promulgation of standards for education and experience.

Wisconsin Introduces Title-Only
Registration Proposal to State Assembly

"By the time your publication is in print, the Proposal for Registration of Landscape Architects in Wisconsin should have already been introduced to the Assembly," said Paul Skidmore of Landscape Architects, Inc. in Madison, WI. An Executive Summary, created to convince people to endorse the proposal was sent to all legislators, allied professionals and interested parties.

According to the Executive Summary sent to all state legislators, the Wisconsin Landscape Architects are "not intending to limit the practice of the existing profession. They do however want to limit those individuals who do not meet qualifications from using the title 'Landscape Architect.'"

Citing the variety of specializations that exist within the profession of landscape architecture the WASLA is seeking legislation to register those who practice landscape architecture and call themselves landscape architects. The proposed legislation stipulates the required: (1) education, (2) experience, and (3) qualifications for landscape architectural registration. The bill also includes: (1) a grandfather clause, (2) an exclusion clause, and (3) administrative and disciplinary clause.

Tampa Water Board

moves into realm of tying development to water...

Reprinted from the Tampa Tribune

Regional water officials took their first tentative steps into the growth management arena Tuesday with a proposal that local governments be required to adopt water thrifty landscaping guidelines.

Historically, land and water regulations have been handled by separate agencies, but the Southwest Florida Water Management District proposal could blur those lines.

"We are seeing clearly that land use regulations and water availability are tied together very tightly," said board member Jim Cox of Lakeland.

The growth management issue came up during a district workshop to discuss 1993 legislative priorities. One of those priorities is for the Legislature to require water-saving "xeriscape" provisions in local government's comprehensive land use plans. It was the first time water district officials have openly discussed involving themselves in what had previously been considered land use matters.

While many board members think growth management cannot be accomplished without proper water regulation, others are reluctant to start meddling with local government plans.

"I don't want us to be too quick to pass laws that we don't understand the ramifications of," said board member Roy Harrell of St. Petersburg.

Board members decided the issue should be discussed further by their planning committee.

Greening Los Angeles: A Resources Exchange

An active network of organizations working to make Los Angeles a greener, more beautiful city, was created during a unique day-long brainstorming conference January 21.

The steering committee for the event included the Council for a Green Environment, Community Ground Garden Project, Los Angeles Beautiful' LA Conservation Corps, LA Green Industry Council, LA Harvest, LA Parks and Recreation Department and TreePeople.

The 120 participants did form a consensus on a number of ideas like creating a Los Angeles master plan from a greening perspective, advocating on the local and state level for a green urban environment and continued networking. All participants were asked to contribute to a "Greening Los Angeles Directory" which should be available to the public in the near future.

Despite Recession EDAW Expands Agai

Chris Degenhardt

EDAW, Inc., an established landscape architecture and planning firm based in San Francisco, is joining forces with CRP Planning, a landscape architecture and planning firm based in London, to form EDAW's first European offices-to be known as CRP/EDAW - in London, Glasgow and Berlin.

In order to accommodate the rapid expansion of the firm, Joseph E. Brown, FASLA, was recently named president of EDAW. He succeeded Christopher Degenhardt, FASLA, who will continue as chairman and chief strategist for the firm and take on new responsibilities as head of the firm's international operations. "This transition broadens EDAW's senior management base and allows the two of us to maintain hands-on project relationships with both domestic and international clients," Brown said.

Joseph E. Brown

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