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Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group
Indianapolis, Ind.

Founded in 2011, Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group has offices in Indianapolis, Ind., and Louisville, Ky. The six-person staff is a mix of landscape architects, designers and community planners. Principals Ron Taylor, FASLA, Scott Siefker, ASLA, AICP and Amy Williams, AICP bring over 45 years of collective experience in crafting long-term planning solutions and innovative design solutions in the public realm. The firm's experience spans downtown planning, regional planning and park design, including large-scale site trails and greenways.

Indy Greenways Full Circle Master Plan, Indianapolis
The Full Circle Plan is the first comprehensive update of the Indy Greenways master plan since the original plan was developed in 1994 and updated in 2002. The master plan provides the long-term vision for greenway and trail development in Indianapolis. The plan identifies improvements and connections along the greenways and new trail routes to the heart of the city from the outlying areas. One of the more significant elements of the new plan is "the circle," a new 64-mile multimodal circle around the perimeter of the city. The planning effort also examined how the greenway coordinates with the Indianapolis including the on-street bicycle lane network, public transit, waterways, neighborhood centers, and areas for potential redevelopment. It also provides connections to several local and regional trails in the adjoining counties, recommends connector routes between the greenway segments, and connects to over 70 different park properties throughout the city. The plan outlines over 139 miles of new trail development in the city.

The Louisville Loop, Louisville, Kentucky
Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group has worked with Louisville Metro Parks on several planning and design projects, advancing the 100-mile Louisville Loop, including: the new master plan for the Ohio River Valley Northeast segment that connects the city of Prospect to the Big Four Bridge; developing the Middletown-Eastwood Trail; identifying the route and designing segments of the key connection between Middletown and Floyds Fork; and authoring the Northeast Loop master plan. Additional work on the Louisville Loop included leading the creation of the Loop Design Standards Manual for the trailheads, site amenities and the development of the master plan for the Loop wayfinding.

Downtown Stellar Projects, Huntingburg, Ind.
The Stellar Communities program is a partnership between the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs and Indiana DOT. Selected communities compete in multiple community development projects funded by the three partner agencies, which may address housing; water infrastructure needs; street and roadwork; streetscape and lighting needs; community centers; revitalization projects; and other quality of life issues. Among the projects developed by Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group are two projects-4th Street Heritage Trail redevelopment and creation of a new signature public open space, and the Market Street Park in downtown Huntingburg.

Bertha Ross Park, Indianapolis
Working with the Indianapolis Parks Foundation, Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group developed a new master plan for this near-northside community park. The proposed site design includes recommendations for walking trails, open play fields, relocated basketball courts and a new shelter. Additional park enhancements include new equipment to the playground and a new water spray ground. This design effort included a public outreach event where residents could comment and discuss the potential park improvements.

Big Four Station, Jeffersonville, Ind.
Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group worked with TEG on the design of Big Four Station, leading the site concept development and landscape architectural site design elements. This two-block civic park serves as a major trailhead for the Ohio River Greenway at the base of the Big Four Railroad Bridge. The bridge has been rehabilitated as a pedestrian & bicycle connection between Louisville, Ky. and Jeffersonville, Ind., linking the Ohio River Greenway and the 100-mile Louisville Loop greenway. The site design includes accommodations for trailhead amenities: restrooms, public plazas with seating, bicycle racks, drinking fountains, a children's play area and performance platform. There is also a water feature and sculptural light shards that interpret the 1913 flood level in Jeffersonville, an open-air pavilion for festivals, farmers' market, and interpretive signage. This civic space offers large open lawn panels, tree groves and lighting that all enhance the landing, and landmark and gateway for the city at the base of the Big Four Bridge pedestrian and bicycle ramp.

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