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Wyss Associates
Rapid City, South Dakota

The goal at Wyss Associates, Inc. is to provide innovative design solutions while being sensitive to the environment, the problem at hand, and client needs. The team at Wyss Associates provides the following design services: landscape architecture, golf course architecture, parks and recreation design, land planning, resort development and historic preservation. Wyss Associates assures design excellence, innovative solutions, on-time performance, quality service, high attention to detail and efficient construction coordination. Their commitment to quality and design leadership is evident in their work and achievements both individually and as a company. The company has received numerous awards and recognition throughout the firm's history. The staff consists of landscape architects, golf course architects, planners, and administrative personnel who are active in the community and their professional societies. This helps strengthen the company team and increases their knowledge of the profession. In turn, Wyss Associates' clients receive a higher quality of design and a better overall product.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South Dakota
Wyss Associates, Inc. has designed several areas of the National Memorial. The landscape and planting plan incorporated indigenous plant materials and boulders into the existing landscape with minimal impact on the ecosystem. The Presidential Trail is located along the base of Mt. Rushmore and allows visitors to experience the sculpture like never before. The trail protects the existing mature ponderosa pines, aspens and boulders. The Mt. Rushmore parking facility provides a landscape pedestrian way separating the two terraced parking structures. The design uses primarily indigenous plant material, large boulders and serpentine walks to help soften the parking structures and blend them into the surrounding. The Avenue of Flags at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial is a 250' alee of 14 columns flying flags of all fifty states and six territories. It connects the International Visitor Complex to the sculpture's Grand Terrace. Wyss Associates, Inc. was the prime consultant and lighting designer for the project, and earned an Honor Award from the Colorado chapter ASLA in the Design category.

Memorial Park Redesign, Rapid City, South Dakota
The purpose of the redesign of Memorial Park was to provide a pedestrian-friendly link between the downtown core and the convention center, and to provide a destination activity area with dispersed playground pods amongst indigenous gardens and open space. In 1988, the applicant prepared a master plan for Memorial Park, which included a promenade connecting the downtown with the local convention center. The plan remained on the shelf for lack of funding. In 2011 a group of local business interests raised $6 million in private funds to complete the promenade and add a destination community play park as a gift to the City. This greenfield project has transformed an underutilized, unsightly and unsafe parkland area into a vibrant urban park filled with multi-generational activity and community spontaneity.

Tatanka: Story of the Bison, Deadwood, South Dakota
Tatanka: Story of the Bison is an interactive visitor center and museum dedicated to the bison that once roamed the great plains of North America. In the owner's (actor Kevin Costner) own words: "I hope people who visit this place will come away with an appreciation of the legendary bison and the incredible culture that reigned over the Great Plains. I also hope that people will ponder what was almost lost forever." The project scope included land restoration planning, interpretive design, site design, sculpture location and placement, environmental design, landscape architecture, consultant coordination and construction administration. This project earned Wyss Associates an Honor Award (general design) from the Great Plains ASLA Chapter.

Mount Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood, South Dakota
Mount Moriah Cemetery is a turn of the century Victorian cemetery with a grace and beauty that is unsurpassed. Its most famous inhabitants include western legends Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Time has tested Mount Moriah, and a large number of gravesites are in desperate need of restoration. Wyss Associates along with Stone Faces and Sacred Places prepared an overall Preservation Master Plan giving preservation and restoration recommendations for retaining wall, gravestone, ironwork, plant material, drainage and other site features. Wyss Associates was also hired to complete construction documents for the multi-million dollar restoration, which was completed in summer 2004. In 1999, Wyss Associates earned a national ASLA Merit Award in the Planning category for the Preservation Master Plan.

Elkhorn Ridge at Frawley Ranch, Spearfish, South Dakota
The 4,500-acre Frawley Ranch in Spearfish, S.D. is listed as a National Historic Landmark. In 1999, succumbed to financial ruin, the owner was in the midst of a foreclosure. Many adjacent property owners had identified parcels they wished to acquire and add to their operations. With foreclosure, the third generation rancher would have lost everything. The current owners stepped in, evaluated the ranch property, paid off all bank debt, allowed the rancher to keep his historic house with many acres of adjacent land and kept him as part owner in the entire ranch diversification effort. In order to accomplish this, a new vision for ranch sustainability had to be implemented. This project earned Wyss Associates a 2015 Merit Award from the Great Plains ASLA Chapter in the planning and analysis category.

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