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LASN October 2010
Letters & Commentary

Re “Compact, Tightly-Controlled Living? Who Need It?”, Publisher’s commentary, Aug. issue:
Dear George Schmok. You are our new hero of 2010! Finally, someone who has the guts to question the Smart Growth agenda!
We have in the loop a three part series on Prefurbia (see Sept. issue pages 152-155), and pages 100-103 in this issue). More important, in answer to the federal government mandates, we have rolled out Prefurbia for Redevelopment

Thanks and keep up the great fight!

Rick Harrison
Performance Planning System

Cost of Wisconsin
Playworld Came America
Playworld Came America

Re “Moment of Silence—Landscape Architect Edward Blake Jr. (1947-2010).” (See p. 118,) also at:
Thank you for the article for Ed. He was such an interesting person dedicated to our common professional goals. As I observed his methods of photographing projects on a trip to San Francisco a few years ago, Marilyn told me that he was actually photographing shadow patterns. Since I too had Edward Martin for Design at MSU, I could relate to this interest. Edward Martin taught us to look beyond the obvious for beauty in design and Ed Blake certainly carried this with him throughout his career.

Jean Aldy, RLA
Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart

Re “Moment of Silence—Dr. Robert S. Reich, FASLA, 1913-2010”
As a 1971 graduate of LSU’s Landscape Architecture program, I am one of hundreds (probably over a thousand) students touched by Doc. I am confident in saying I would not be the professional I am without my studies under him. In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, Doc not only was a teacher, he was a friend to his students. He went out of his way to find summer jobs for each of us. I actually had the good fortune to rent an apartment from Doc, just off campus! He will be remembered by many for generations to come.!

Jerry Regenbogen
Stantec Consulting
Charleston, S.C.


Correction: On p. 77 of the Sept. issue, the Hord Coplan Macht firm profile pictured the firm’s South Capitol Park project in Harrisburg, Pa., however, the accompanying text described their West Shore Park project in Baltimore. Here are the two projects in question. We apologize for the error.

Hord Coplan Macht, Baltimore



South Capitol Park, Harrisburg, Pa.

Hord Coplan Macht provided a master plan for the revitalization of South Capitol Park on the campus of the historic Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg. The four-acre park is located to the south of the Beaux-Arts Capitol, built between 1902 and 1906. The park connects the Capitol complex with downtown Harrisburg and the Strawberry Square retail complex.

HCM worked closely with the Capitol Preservation Committee (CPC), comprised of historians, architectural preservationists, architects and state congressional representatives responsible for oversight of the Capitol complex and grounds to identify, retain and preserve the historic features of the Capitol grounds.

The first phase of the $10 million project was completed in 2009. The second phase is underway. New walkways, terraces, granite retaining walls, lighting, planting, tree preservation, storm water management and infiltration facilities are all part of the rehabilitation of this landmark green space.





West Shore Park, Baltimore

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor renaissance began in the early 1980s and continues today. Despite its prominent harbor location, West Shore Park had leftover and disparate elements. Sandwiched between the Maryland Science Center and the Baltimore Visitor Center, the three-acre space needed a remake. Hord Coplan Macht teamed with ThomasBalsley and Associates of NYC and the city of Baltimore to develop this public park, now the city’s front door to the waterfront.

West Shore Park provides much needed downtown green space. A large lawn is perfect for events. Vendor pavilions, a variety of sitting areas, horticultural gardens and an interactive fountain are additions. The park is above the harbor promenade, with an animated edge offering a variety of seating and overlooks. The interactive fountain has become a major attraction, with children and adults drawn to the ever changing, multicolored water jets. The project won a 2006 Merit Award from the ASLA Maryland/Potomac Chapters.

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