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Fundraising and Partnering

Easing Playground Fundraising

BCI Burke, based in Fond du Lac, Wis., is presenting Funds for FunTM, a program to assist groups who need to raise funds for playgrounds.

The company deems the program an innovative answer for overwhelmed and overworked volunteers who help schools, childcares, religious organizations and other groups raise money for playground equipment. The program is said to be easy-to-use, self-contained, professional and completely customizable to each individual group's project.

Fundraising for playgrounds has become increasingly necessary over the last 10 years, a result of dwindling monies earmarked by school districts for play structures. Parent groups and other volunteers have had to step up to get schools to provide safe play spaces for their children. According to a PTO Today Reader Qualification Survey, 74 percent of all playground funds were raised through the efforts of school parent groups in 2004.

Burke is providing (at no cost to its customers and after consulting with a company rep.) the Funds for Fun Playkit, described as a "comprehensive web-based kit." The entire program is accessible at via an assigned pass code 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are document templates that are easily and quickly customized to give communication pieces a professional look.

"Creating and cultivating a playground fundraising program from the start can seem like a daunting task," observes Tim Ahern, president and CEO of BCI Burke.

"One of our customers had a vision of this sort of program and pleaded with us to design it for the many volunteer groups across the country who labor over raising money, Ahern explains.

In discussions with parents and in doing research on what motivates donors to give, the company found most people would rather give money to a cause and know the entire amount pledged will go toward the goal, as opposed to only 50 percent, which is commonly done in fundraising programs.

"Our goal was to provide a direct-donation plan that is an 'ask and you will receive approach' to raising money."

The Funds for Fun program provides a step-by-step playkit that includes an easy-to-follow guide, "How to Plan, Organize and Execute Your Playground Fundraiser" and 12 professionally written and customizable documents to complement it. Two additional playground planning documents are included: "How-to Plan a Playground Guide" and "Fundraising Ideas."

Boundless Playgrounds Announces New Playground Industry Partners

The National Center for Boundless Playgrounds, the national nonprofit based in Bloomfield, Conn., is dedicated to opening the world of play to children of all abilities.

The group recently issued an invitation to companies in the national playground industry to collaborate on helping communities create access-to-all playgrounds. Boundless announces seven companies have agreed to be partners:

  • Miracle Recreation Equipment Co.
  • Little Tikes Commercial
  • Playworld Systems
  • GameTime
  • Park Structures
  • BigToys
  • Recreation Creations

The seven companies will offer a selection of Boundless Playgrounds Certified models in their catalogs and on their websites. Each model will be compliant with the Boundless Playgrounds’ standards that allow children with and without disabilities to use the same facility.

“We are thrilled about our new partners and what this program means for thousands of people who contact us or visit our website each year," says Jean Schappet, co-founder and co-executive director of Boundless Playgrounds. “There now will be a greater variety of easy, efficient and cost-effective ways for communities to build truly barrier-free playgrounds. Our partners recognize the developmental advantages of play for all children and they’re committed to working with us to expand play opportunities for children of all abilities.”

Royalties from the sale of Boundless Playgrounds Certified models will help fund challenge grant programs for building Boundless Playgrounds and support Boundless Playgrounds’ core programs and services.

This innovative new program was launched with a lead grant from Hasbro Children’s Foundation and Hasbro, Inc., a longtime supporter of Boundless Playgrounds and its first national founding sponsor. Hasbro’s support has helped Boundless Playgrounds establish a national resource center, launch an education campaign and develop playgrounds in 24 disadvantaged communities across the U.S.

For more information about Boundless Playgrounds’ industry partners and links to their websites, visit

Rainbow's End Boundless Playground, Saginaw, Mich. Photo courtesy of Miracle Recreation Equipment Company.

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