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Suspicious Package Near Playground Was Deadly

Memorial Park is a large and extensive community amenity for Colorado Springs. The suspicious package was found on the east shore of Prospect Lake near the large universal-access playground.
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Wow! Talk about playground safety. The Colorado Springs Police Department received a call around 10 a.m. Feb. 14 reporting a suspicious package at Memorial Park near the large universal access playground on the east side of Prospect Lake.

The police found the package: Something wrapped in duct tape.

When they realized it was a grenade with its pin intact, they got assistance from the El Paso County sheriff’s deputies and an explosives unit, whose technicians moved the bomb to another location and blew it up.

Police indicated the grenade had been “modified,” but did not elaborate.

The explosive technicians determined the device would have injured anyone within about 16 feet if it had detonated.

Memorial Park is a large and extensive community amenity. The park has two playgrounds, a velodrome (bicycle racing and skating), a community pool, an indoor ice skate rink, three baseball/softball fields, 15 football/soccer fields, 12 tennis courts with tennis center, trails and Prospect Lake, replete with a swimming beach and two fishing areas.

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