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The 11'4" tall Twist N' Spill is constructed from schedule-40 stainless steel. The bucket dumps five gallons and refills in 30 seconds. There are internal feed lines in the spindle arm, so you don't see the water filling the bucket. An adjustable splash plate alters the water velocity and the area of splash. Children grip the wheel or any of the three curved arms to control the device. Custom graphics can be added to the deflector plate and bucket.
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Rain bird
Rain bird
Came America Teak Warehouse

Last fall at the ASLA Expo in Washington, D.C., Waterplay out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada had on display its new line of water features designed to "spin, splash and spray in a 360? radius" (Revolution Series). The water toys are inherently fun of course, but the best part is the kids have complete control of the rotation of the water. There are two handle designs for each water feature, allowing smaller hands and bigger ones the desired control.

The Toddler Twister (4' tall) has multiple 2.5" nozzle options available for variable sprays. The wheel handle has a good grip and is easy to rotate. A child can also use the "big loop" to turn the sprayer.

For specifiers, there are a choice of colors for the lower base and upper column of each component. The manufacturer notes the equipment components have a quality finish and seamless welds.

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